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Settlers demonstrating in Arab village. / TPS

Shortly after a resident of Yitzhar, a Jewish community south of Sh’chem, was injured on Tuesday at 8:40 in the morning from stones that were thrown at her by Arabs in the nearby town of Huwara, a group of area Jewish residents arrived in the Arab town to demonstrate against the helplessness of the security apparatus in dealing with Arab terrorism, Hakol Hayehudi reported.

“I was on my way to repair the window broken last week by stones they threw at me,” the woman whose car was stoned on Tuesday said. “And then what happens on the way? They throw a stone on another window and my girlfriend who’s sitting next to me is hit and injured.”

Car damage from Arab stone throwers / Htzolah

“And what are the soldiers over here saying?” she continued, “‘We are providing a response.’ And what’s the response they’re providing? Let’s get the car moving and return to our routine.”

“It cannot be,” the woman driver continued, “It’s insane, and I don’t accept it. Let them turn all the Arabs around and send them home. It cannot be that the Arabs are throwing stones at us and we accept the ‘situation.'”

She added, “It’s very nice that they captured the Arab who threw the stone, but there are another fifty Arabs just waiting for the opportunity [to throw more stones]. We want them to provide a real response, not just catch someone and let him go two hours later.”

The passenger in the protesting woman’s car was rushed to Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva. Border Guard officers arrested two Arabs suspected of throwing the stones.

The demonstrating Jewish residents carried signs and catcalled the arrested terrorist as he was being removed. Another demonstration at the Yitzhar junction resulted in the IDF temporarily barring Arab motorists from Gilad Road near Yitzhar.


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  1. Either sheer stupidity. Or proof positive that Jews are their own worst enemy. But, it's been going on for decades. Western press labels the IDF as "killlers"/while any other word is used for the "terrorist". Sometimes recently invented words, like "west bank" instead of Judea-Samaria (which it was for the previous 3,000 years). The Jew is the "settler" in the land they have lived in for the past 3,000 years/Yet they are quick to call the others "villiger".. When will it end?

  2. There are no such people as "settlers." You use defamatory language and I for one am insulted by it and my feelings are hurt. I believe I may have a case to sue for libel (if I lived in amerika). Anyway, either we are all settlers, or we are those who are residents of the Shomron, residents of the Gush, residents of Beitar, residents of Hevron, residents of haifa, residents of tveria, residents of katzrin, residents of…get my drift???!!!!

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