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Israelis shop for dairy products regardless of price increases.

Following a string of warnings about price increases, and a concession that pushed off the increases until after Shavuot, on Thursday came the moment of post-Shavuot truth when Israelis started experiencing the dreaded price increases in their wallets.

Among the companies that raised or are expected to raise prices later this month are Tnuva, Mars, Ben & Jerry’s, Osem, Strauss, and Willi-Food.


Among the brands that just became more expensive are Heinz, Pringles, and Milka products that are distributed by the Diplomat company – their prices will go up by 25%.

Tnuva’s subsidiaries, Olivia, Mama Of, and Tirat Zvi, will rise by 9%.

Strauss Group products, including coffee, salty and sweet snacks, and Yad Mordechai olive oil will rise by 6%.

Schestowitz Group brands Pompadour tea, pasta barilla, and Master Chef products will go up by 15%.

Ben & Jerry’s is expected to increase prices by another 15%.

Also, dairy products under government price supervision go up for the second time on Thursday by 1%.

The price of fuel will increase by four agorot. The maximum price per liter of unleaded 95 octane gasoline at a self-service pump (including VAT) will be NIS 6.85 per liter.

The price at full-service pumps (including VAT) will be NIS 7.06 per liter. If you’re in the US, do sit down before you read this: it translates into $7.56 per gallon.

Next time you visit, bring your bike.

The lowest fuel price was recorded in May 2020 and was NIS 4.79 per liter in self-service. The highest price was recorded in September 2012 – NIS 8.25 per liter in self-service.

Manufacturers blame the increases on the rising prices over the past two years of flour (43%), poultry and beef (25%), oil, vegetables, electricity, fuel, water, and wages.

By the way, the cost of raw milk in Israel is lower than or similar to European prices. Currently, the price in Israel stands at 57.98 euros per 100 kg, compared with Spain, where 100 kg of raw milk cost 58.5 euros, and Malta – 60.6 euros. In Italy and Austria, the price of raw milk is very similar to its price in Israel.

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