Coalition Partners Vote to Dissolve Knesset, Early Elections Set for April 9

Religious parties in the coalition refused to back the legislation called the Hareidi Draft Law.

Netanyahu Clashes with Arab MKs Over Attack on Islamic Jihad Commander

Netanyahu accused the Arab MKs of encouraging terrorism, deliberately aimed at harming civilians.

Selfieman Strikes Again

MK Oren Hazan (Likud) was joking with the honor guard after the Jerusalem Day ceremony at the Western Wall, May 23, 2017. Hazan took...

Shape of Things to Come: Reform Clergy and Labor MK Gilad Kariv Deplores ‘Discrimination...

In 1845 the Reform movement removed references to Palestine and a "Jewish State" from prayers.

Knesset Passes Preliminary Vote to Dissolve 110-0

Netanyahu has about a week now to try and form a new coalition.

Lapid Condemns as Racist Bill Saying Zionist Values Should Guide Legislation

Lapid’s response was a jarring mix of hate and disinformation, most likely because he never graduated high school.

MK Basel Ghattas Arrested For Aiding Hamas Prisoners in Israeli Jail

An Israeli Arab parliamentarian is arrested for aiding Hamas terrorists in an Israeli prison.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Receives Bodyguards After Leftwing Threats

Shaked is known as an outspoken and intelligent advocate for Zionism and democracy.

Air Force Chief: Our Enemies May Test Us as a Result of 300 Pilots’...

Framing the problem at "only" 300 refusnik pilots was in itself good news.

Eli Yishai’s New Party is Called…

It appears that former Shas MK Eli Yishai is taking that next big step.

Cabinet Passes ‘Austerity Budget’

The Cabinet Monday evening passed a two-year budget, nearly five months late, with tax hikes and across-the-board cuts in spending, Only one minister voted...

Labor Knesset Leader Condemned for her Anti-Family Stance on Australian TV

"This is a tool that was made to dominate women for the sake of reproduction."

IDF Draft Law Fails in First Reading — DM Gantz Vows to Reintroduce Measure

The bill would have mandated recruitment of haredi-religious Jews into the IDF, but would have also lowered the age of exemption to 21, for those wishing to stay in yeshiva.

Knesset Speaker Pleads with Parliament Heads to Endorse Jerusalem Recognition

"For three thousand years, Jerusalem has been the political capital and spiritual center of the Jewish People."

Ombudsman, Reform Movement, Demand Impeaching Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef

It comes down to whether or not individuals in appointed high office are at liberty to go out of their way to criticize the government from which they draw their power.

Leftist Coalition MK Goes After Supermarket Chain that Favors Haredi Shoppers

And that's why we must have one million American olim in Israel – to teach local politicians that if the market ain't broke you don't fix it.

Shaked: Court’s Intervention in Knesset, Government Work Distorts Democracy

'A judicial branch that intervenes in the legally created product of the legislative or executive branches is not adhering to the democratic model and it is our duty to bring it back on track.'

Gantz Ridiculed After Stating He Will Bring Deal of the Century to Knesset Vote

Gantz apparently does not have the legal ability to move forward with pushing the Deal of the Century through the Knesset and must wait for Netanyahu’s government to vote on it.

Attorney General Blocks Bill Banning Photographing IDF Soldiers

Liberman: “IDF soldiers are subjected to an attack from home by haters of Israel and supporters of terrorism who seek to humiliate and harm them."

MK Smotrich in Ha’aretz Op-Ed: Victory Over the Enemy Is Not Nazism

'The fundamental difference between Israel's right and left is that "the left hides its head in the sand believing that these two aspirations can be reconciled, while I believe that this is not possible.'

It’s Official: Jew Killers to Be Released in Phase 1 of 2-State Talks

Minister Yuval Steinitz said his government would release a "limited number" of prisoners, some of whom have been in Israeli jails for 30 years.

US Honors Knesset for Employment of Disabled Persons

“The Knesset serves as an example for the public and private sectors, and many people from Israel and abroad visit the Knesset to learn from our experience in this field.”

Thousands Gather in Tel Aviv to Show Support for ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu

"It says it's good for all brothers to sit together -- this investigation is not right. Stop destroying our unity. Bibi will be our prime minister until 2035."

Yesh Atid Minister: Territories Construction Insults Bereaved Families

You would think Minister of Science and Technology Yaakov Perry would understand that releasing terrorists insults bereaved families.

New Knesset Gun Lobby Advocates Wider Ownership

A significant percentage of terror attacks have been foiled by armed civilians and not by security personnel.

Smotrich: We’ll Help the PM Relocate Amona Evacuees

Minister Miri Regev (Likud) also insisted that 'promises must be kept.'

Liberman: Israel Must Stop Listening to Hypocritical EU

r Liberman said that unless the EU places Hezbollah on its terrorist organization list, Israel should stop allowing the EU to meddle in Israel's diplomacy

Knesset Bill to Cut MKs Salaries Passes First Reading

The Knesset Monday approved on the first reading a bill that would cut salaries of Knesset Members and the President of Israel by 10...

Likud Rebellion Against Netanyahu, Government Swearing In Is Off, Gantz Takes Back Speaker’s Post,...

Likud ministers sharply criticized Netanyahu's way of distributing those portfolios, as several Likud ministers have been left floating in the wake of the coalition steam ship.

AG Mandelblit Clashing with Justice Minister Ohana over State’s Attorney’s Replacement

Despite the appearance of a wild west style clash between two gunslingers, Mandelblit can't stop Ohana, who is the minister responsible for the judiciary system.


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