Judges Heckled Rothman’s Arguments? Want to Read What He Wanted to Say? No problem

"Public trust in the court is waning as a result of the court's extensive involvement in social, economic, and political matters."

Arab MKs Demand Government Protection from Arab Criminals

On Tuesday, a quadruple murder in Abu Snan in northern Israel included Ghzai Sab who is running to head the local council.

Arab Party’s Token Jewish MK Indicted for Assaulting Police Officer

MK Cassif was interrogated for five hours by Lahav 433 and denied vehemently that he attacked the policeman.

Al Jazeera Celebrates Former IDF General’s Attack on Israeli ‘Apartheid’

"Apparently, in the dusk hours of their days, their minds get a little confused.”

Israeli High Court Issues Temporary Injunction Against Coalition’s Incapacitation Basic Law

This will be the first time the Supreme Court is interfering with a Basic Law, which they've described as having constitutional authority.

Haredi Newspaper Cartoon Rejects Netanyahu’s Reforms

The editorial cartoon should be a source of concern to the supporters of judicial reform on the right.

Civic Studies Teachers Offer to Explain Democracy to IAF Pilots

We, veteran civic studies teachers, volunteer to teach an introductory course on the fundamental principles of Democracy.

Bill Splitting the AG’s Roles Submitted, Gideon Sa’ar Will Have to Delete It from...

Poor MK Gideon Sa’ar has had to delete parts of his agenda every time the coalition used them in its judicial reform.

More than 1,000 Haredi Combat Reservists Condemn the Refusal to Serve, Volunteer to Plug...

"We never imagined using the merit we received to try and use it to involve the security of the state in political issues from any side."

AG Tells Court There’s No Grounds to Sack Netanyahu

On March 23 the Knesset rewrote the law to emphasize that only the government and the Knesset are empowered to declare a serving PM incapacitated.

Jerusalem Post Capitulates before MK Rothman’s Libel Suit

And now, you too can enjoy the JPost apology, free of charge.

Haredi Leaders Reevaluate Academic Studies as Belz Again Weighs Core Curriculum

“There is more than one way to be a Haredi who is deeply committed to religious excellence.”

Gafni Attacks Netanyahu: He Can’t Drop the Override Clause on his Own

Gafni made it clear that after he had spoken with Netanyahu, the override clause was not removed from the agenda.

Left v. Right Fight Rages On Despite Jenin Operation

On Monday, it appeared the word “traditionally” was no longer in style.

Pushback: Mainstream Israelis Distancing Themselves from the Anarchists

They’ll yell, and they’ll burn stuff, but the majority of Israelis have realized already that their democracy is not in danger.

Watch: Leftwing MKs Rage Against Yair Lapid, Because That’s Just What They Do

The more Rothman read from the statement critical of the Supreme Court, the more the Leftwing MK screamed and yelled.

UTJ MK Torched for Quoting Leviticus on the Danger of LGBTs

MK Pindrus should have heeded the Biblical warning, “At such a time the learned man keeps silent, for it is an evil time.”

Knesset Eretz Israel Caucus in Binyamin: Environmental Damage Means Failure to Govern

"Illegal garbage dumps and illegal incinerators are polluting the environment we all share."

Another Complaint Launched Against Arab Party’s Token Jew Ofer Cassif

Cassif called the six terrorists who escaped from Gilboa prison "political prisoners," comparing them to Nelson Mandela and Irgun fighter Meir Feinstein.

Knesset Launches ‘Waze for the Blind’

The system connects a dedicated mobile application to strategically placed wireless beacons in public spaces and accessibility points.

Officials in Netanyahu’s Circle: If Yariv Levin Wants to Quit, Let him Go Ahead

Another bone of contention between Levin and others in the coalition is the justice minister's delay of investigating the Pegasus affair.

Coalition Tells Gantz They Prefer His Judicial Appointments Candidate Over Lapid’s

In the end, it’s all up to Netanyahu, whose Chess pieces move in mysterious ways.

Likud MK’s Bill Allows Ministers to Punish Disobedient Employees

The bill provides an answer to the ministers’ difficulty in dealing with disciplinary issues in their offices.

MK Gafni: My Haredi Brother Fought in Lebanon and Was Still Called ‘Parasite’

His children will receive half the salary and half the funding Yair Lapid will receive.

Opposition Party’s Judicial Reform Matches Levin/Rothman and then Some

If the coalition submitted the above Saar plan as is, and the National Camp would vote in favor, this reporter would be deliriously happy.

Ben Gvir Eliminates Personal Interviews of Many Candidates for Gun Licenses

I’m saying this is a dangerous decision that should be reconsidered.

Thursday’s Million People’s Rally Was a Coming of Age for Israel’s Right

It was a love-in for the State of Israel, and for Israel as the Jewish state.

Ben Gvir Submits a More Balanced Ankle Monitor Law

Ben Gvir is going to submit his revamped bill to the government’s legislative committee, alongside an extensive program to combat violence within the family.

Lapid Calls on Diaspora Jews to Fight Israel’s Democratically Elected Government

Unlike the Israeli anarchists, Jewish American liberals abhor his kind of thinking and implied methods.


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