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Shikma Bressler at a protest in Tel Aviv, September 9, 2023.

Shikma Schwartzman-Bressler, physicist and researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and a top co-leader of the anarchist coup attempt, told the audience at the First Nahalal Conference on Democracy: “President Yitzhak Herzog has been sabotaging the protest for months to save Netanyahu, even if the intentions are good. It is forbidden to talk to Nazis, whether they are Jews or non-Jews.”

In other words, according to Bressler, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters are Jewish Nazis, and therefore any negotiations with him are verboten.


Remember Dany Dayan, Benny Gantz’s appointment to CEO of Yad Vashem? Dayan has been under a magnifying glass for irregularities at his institution which is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust. You would have expected Dany Dayan to issue an angry condemnation of this outrageous public statement. He didn’t. No one else on the left did, either. It has become commonplace for Israeli leftists to call the right fascists and Nazis with no fear of consequences. As if this is an established truth that requires no supporting evidence. And so, Justice Minister Yariv Levin is a fascist for wishing to restore balance to the three branches of government, and MK Simcha Rothman is a fascist for passing Levin’s agenda through his Constitution committee, and Netanyahu is a fascist because, you know, he just is.

Last week, Haaretz interviewed General (Res.) Gil Regev, the former head of the IDF HR, who openly called for a military coup against the prime minister. “The Chief of Staff, the head of the Shin Bet, and the head of the Mossad should tell Bibi, up to here.” He continued: “They should tell him that if this government does not go back from the direction it took … there will be no IDF.”

The demonization of the right is no longer just tolerated, it is the formative image carried by the mainstream media of the “Bibistim,” Netanyahu’s camp, which happens to comprise 64 mandates out of the Knesset’s 120.

So, what did Dany Dayan have to say about the desecration of the memory of the Holocaust, the guardianship of which is in his job description? He shared his own late-August tweet that said: Recently, there has been an increase in the public discourse in Israel of terrible statements that make malicious use of the Holocaust and its Nazi perpetrators. There was a (right-wing) man who expressed satisfaction over the murder of millions of Jews, a pamphlet (right-wing) that blamed LGBT people for the Holocaust, and now a well-known professor (left-wing) who compares a Jewish leader to Hitler. I follow these phenomena with anxiety and disgust and call for them to stop immediately.”

The brave head of Yad Vashem did not dare to attack the leader of the anarchists by name. Neither did Yair Lapid or Benny Gantz. She must be more frightening than the widow Schicklgruber’s son…

Yaniv Turgeman commented: “Only one thing is more shocking than the disgrace Shikma Bressler uttered, and that’s the fact that no one around the table interrupted her, no one in the audience made a comment. And the worst thing is that in addition, they applauded her. He also noted that Channel 12 News failed to report the Bressler Nazi fiasco.

On Saturday night, Bressler tweeted a self-righteous apology, while praising herself for being able to heed criticism: “I was wrong in my statement yesterday. I used a word that has no place in the discourse. I regret and apologize for this statement. Mistakes are also part of life and our struggle for our country and our future. Only those who don’t do don’t err. I correct and continue.”

You noticed she didn’t mention the millions, dead and alive, she smeared with her calloused statement. To her using the N-word constituted a public faux pax, just as if she had used the other N-word.

A number of her enlightened fellow travelers subsequently doubled down and made some even worse Nazi comparisons.

Here’s a bit of common gossip we have been avoiding recently, but decided to release seeing as Bressler is viewing the majority of Israelis as Nazis. Right-wing attorney Kinneret Broshi revealed that Bressler is married to a member of the clandestine Shin Bet, and noted: “In recent months, many in Israel have been wondering how people protesting against the government arrive in a matter of minutes at places where the Prime Minister, senior ministers, and Knesset members are staying.”

Nudge, nudge.


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