Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
Israel's new laser interceptor platform.

US defense contractor Lockheed Martin and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Ltd announced on Monday that they signed a teaming agreement to jointly develop, test and manufacture High Energy Laser Weapon Systems (HELWS).

The work will be done within the framework of Israel’s Iron Beam project.


The laser system, which is being designed to intercept missiles, drones, mortars, and anti-tank rockets, was successfully tested in April.

The system would be significantly less expensive than the current Iron Dome system. One Iron Dome interceptor missile costs an estimated $50,000.

“This strategic teaming agreement serves as a force multiplier for Rafael and the Israeli market. We are working to ensure our customers receive the most advanced, effective, and best in class systems. This agreement will expand and diversify the capabilities we can offer to a variety of customers,” said Rafael CEO and President Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yoav Har-Even.

“Lockheed Martin’s mission is to deliver the best security solutions that help our customers stay ahead of their adversaries. Working with Rafael, our joint team will help bring this new, life-saving capability to our customers.” said Lockheed Martin Chief Operating Officer, Frank St. John.


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