Photo Credit: MDA
The scene of the drive-by shooting in Samaria, May 30, 2023.

A resident of Hermesh in Samaria was seriously injured by a drive-by shooting Tuesday at 11:39 AM.  After being initially treated on the spot he was taken to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera. The hospital announced that he died from his wounds. The family has been notified.

According to the initial investigation, a passing vehicle with two PA Arabs in it overtook the wounded man’s car and shot at it.


Two IDF forces blocked the main intersections in the area in search of the terrorists, who, according to estimates, fled north toward Jenin.

The scene of the drive-by shooting in Samaria, May 30, 2023. / MDA

According to the MDA Spokesperson, the report of an injured victim near Hermesh was received at 11:39 by MDA’s 101 Emergency Call Center. MDA EMTs and Paramedics are treating a conscious male with a gunshot wound. A helicopter has been sent to the scene.

MDA EMT Yair Korman reported: “We found the victim at the entrance to the village lying unconscious with gunshot wounds. Along with a military medical team we provided life-saving treatment and evacuated him to hospital in serious condition.”

MDA EMT Yehuda Horvitz reported: “I was in an open area near Hermesh when I heard the shooting, and simultaneously received a report from the MDA Dispatch about the victim. I was quickly at the gate and saw the victim lying near a vehicle, with gunshot wounds but conscious. Along with an IDF medical team that was rapidly on the scene, we provided life-saving treatment, and he was evacuated by the army’s intensive care unit to the hospital in serious condition.”


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