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Opening My Eyes on Lag Ba’omer

Instead of a time when a race of sentient robots will roam the Earth, we prefer to focus on the time when humans will live according to their fullest potentials.

Blaming Israel to Preserve a Theory

The Clinton administration whitewashed Yasir Arafat and the PA then; Team Obama now whitewashes Abbas.

Listening to the Nevermind Generation

Now that I can speak to the world is anyone listening?

There Was No Good Hitler

There was never a “good” Hitler, not even before 1939.

On the Way to a Jewish State (part one)

“All Jews are responsible for one another,” and every Jew has an integral part of the complete picture.

The ‘Talmudic’ Objectivity of the Millennial Generation

The fact that by Divine Providence this is called the “millennial” generation is also something to meditate upon.

First Amendment Hypocrisy: Muslims and Israel

the prospect of violence often guarantees their right to use the First Amendment while denying it to others.

Lag B’Omer 1942, ‘Jewish Amazons,’ And The Pyramids

These "Jewish Amazons" were living proof of the failure of the enemies of the Jewish people.

Where is King David Really Buried?

Misconception: King David is buried on Mount Zion, in a room that bears the inscription “King David’s Tomb.”

The Formula for Holding On to the Land

Israeli leadership doesn’t look to God for help, it gave away Gaza because of political predictions and calculations.

Five Reasons Hilary Will NOT Get The Nod in ’16

There is lots of evidence that Hilary Rodham Clinton, the former senator from New York, first lady and secretary of state, will to try...

Tears and Pride as a Grandson Joins the IDF

The new soldiers received a gun and a Tanach, in which the “deed” to the land of Israel is found.

What Happens When We Remove God From The Picture

When one denies the objective source of value, the very meaning of those values becomes problematic.

A Fearsome Test For French Jews

While Jews are just one percent of the French population, 40 percent of French racist assaults target Jews.

Selfies, Self-Image, Same-Gender Attraction

There is an answer past abstinence or avoidance for Torah-prohibited relations.

Angry Mom Responds to Letter Writer

You want to exclude this group from supporting their homeland, using the Torah as an excuse.

Destruction in Gush Etzion: It’s Only ‘Anatevka’

Will those who destroyed homes and a kindergarten be able to sleep when they close their eyes? What images will they see?

Two Aspects of the Mitzva of Counting the Omer

Rav Soloveitchik asserted that Shavuot is sanctified not only by the court’s counting, but even by the individual’s counting.

I am Shelly Dadon

I am Shelly Dadon. I was murdered because I was Jewish.

Price Tag Hypocrisy

The price tag perpetrators have become the symbol for leftist hatred of the "settler" movement.

Iran Counting on Obama’s Weakness

Iran seems closer to its nuclear goal today than it did before Obama’s interim capitulation.

The Promise and Potential Peril of Oculus Rift

We wish everyone learns to fully interact with reality, unfettered by limits of space and time.

A Free or Democratic State – Which Do You Prefer?

Freedom may include democracy but democracy does not necessarily include freedom.

The Search for Objective Journalism

Running a country according to the God-given laws of the Torah would result in something very great indeed.

Nazi Epithet Removes Amos Oz From Israeli Discourse

Oz claims graffiti or slashed tires are today’s equivalent of Dr Mengele; what is left to discuss?

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