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Muhammad Abu Shahala sold the Machpelah House in Hebron to Jews. For this violation of PA law he was sentenced to death.

An open letter to:

Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon


Secretary of State of the United States , Mrs. Hillary Clinton

US Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Daniel Shapiro

President of the European Council of the EU, Mr. Herman Van Rompuy

Director General of the International Red Cross, Mr. Yves Daccord

President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres

Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu

According to various news agencies, Mr. Muhammad Abu Shahala, a former intelligence agent for the Palestinian Authority, has been sentenced to death, following a hurried trial. His crime: selling property to Jews in Hebron.

Mr. Abu Shahala reportedly confessed, following torture sessions at the hands of his captors. The death sentence can be executed only following concurrence by Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, President of the PA. After he signs the death warrant, Abu Shahala may be killed.

It is appalling to think that property sales should be defined as a capital crime punishable by death. The very fact that such a law exists within the framework of the PA legal system points to a barbaric and perverse type of justice, reminiscent of practices implemented during the dark ages.

It is incumbent upon the entire international community, which views the Palestinian Authority as viable Middle East peace partner, to publicly reject such acts of legal murder, when the crime is the sale of property to Jews.

What would be the reaction to a law in the United States, England, France, or Switzerland, forbidding property sales to Jews?

Actually, less than one hundred years ago, such acts were legislated and practiced. They were known as the Nuremberg laws. On October 3, 1938 Nazi Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, implemented the Decree of the Confiscation of Jewish Property, regulating the transfer of assets from Jewish to non-Jewish Germans. On December 11, 1938 another law was passed: the regulation for the elimination of Jews from the Economic life of Germany. Among other sections was a clause forbidding Jews from offering merchandise for sale.

Is the Palestinian Authority a reincarnation of the Third Reich?

We appeal to all international leaders to demand the annulment of the death warrant and pending execution of Muhammad Abu Shahala, to be followed by his immediate release from imprisonment, for he has committed no crime.

David Wilder Noam Arnon
The Jewish Community of Hebron



  1. And the Palestinian's want statehood? They are terrorists. Who cannot see that? If they execute Muhammad , they are showing how FAKE their attempts at a "peaceful resolution" really are! This must be stopped! Kimberly McGregor Clark.

  2. Judgement Day is approaching, these snakes with two legs are going to hell for causing so much blood shed of the innocent. Praying for God's favor and protection for Mr. Mr. Muhammad Abu Shahala.

  3. What a blatant piece of Pali-bashing politicking. "look at what monsters the Palestinians are and by comparison what wonderful peaceful folk we are". sorry Hebron Jewish Community. the way you treat the native Paelstinians is all over YouTube. You know? The one where your men are hurling stones and sexual insults at Palestinian girls on their way to school? Or the one where your wonderful young ladies are attacking a child half their age and when the mother intervenes a kindly IDF soldier wearing a yarmulke cracks her on the head with the butt of his rifle?

    Hamas ARE a terrorist joke, making things worse for the oppressed people they purport to represent, but you know and I know that Abu Mazen will quash any death sentence.

    As regards the Palestinians being the new Third Reich, I ask you this: Who is living in refugee camps? Who put them there? Who is persecuting who openly in the streets, with the blessing of the "peacekeeping soldiers"?

  4. oh and in case you want to hurl the anti-semite slur that you always do at times like these, I fully support the country of Israel. Its right to exist and to be free from attack. But this does not mean I support the attempts of far right and religious fundamentalist groups to discredit, slander or persecute the Palestinian people. Your country was formed after WWII by good honest people who wanted to live in peace and on equal terms with its neighbours, even freeing itself form British (my country) rule. Then AFTER the hard work and fighting was done….. along came the "settlers".

  5. Oh and in case you want to hurl the anti-semite slur that you always do at times like these, I fully support the country of Israel. Its right to exist and to be free from attack. But this does not mean I support the attempts of far right and religious fundamentalist groups to discredit, slander or persecute the Palestinian people. Your country was formed after WWII by good honest people who wanted to live in peace and on equal terms with its neighbours, even freeing itself form British (my country) rule. Then AFTER the hard work and fighting was done….. along came the "settlers".

    With regard the 1Decree of the confiscation of Jewish Property in 1938 Germany. That was despicable. Much like the decree that allows for the confiscation of Palestinian property in Jerusalem and the "occupied territories".

  6. The Palestinians have OIL? They're keeping that a big secret. Didn't realise there were actually Al Quaeda oilfields either. our soldiers are hunting them down and killing or capturing them where we find them (is that being a pussy?), but not seen any oil so far.
    I despair of the American educational system that they can turn out students who are SO ignorant of international affairs.

  7. Agreed. It must and WILL be stopped. Sorry, are ALL Palestinians terrorists? One size fits all so kill them all? Then surely you should not be bothered that they start killing each other. Oh but of course "look at the monsters they are and how kind we are by pleading for his life". And yet, the plea is more about slandering the Palestinians than it is about asking for the freeing of this man.

    History lesson for you Kimberly. In 1994 Israel and Palestine were on the verge of peace. President Rabin and Saeb Erekat (Erekat was Arafat's chief negotiator) had brought the country to the brink of peace. But then a far right fundamentalist settler called Yigal Amir shot, and killed President Rabin, thereby destroying the peace process. Amir married and had children whilst in prison and is still lauded as a hero by the JEWISH SETTLER COMMUNITY who even now try to gain his release.

    But of course you wouldn't want to acknowledge THAT eh?

  8. Why are the children in Palestine raised to hate the Jewish people? It is in their books, and it is throughout their childhood that this hatred begins. Can there be any other way to say it other than they are what they have been taught. This is a problem in the Middle East. It is a fact. From such a perspective, how in the world can there be true peace? Of course there are Palestinians that overcome these pervasive thoughts, but is a logical destination for others to come to Palestine to cause more trouble. It is a cycle of violence that repeats itself, and recruits others to come and keep it all going. I call it terror. There is no other word for it. It is what Hitler did to Germany's youth, brainwashing them into thinking that the Jewish people were bad. When in fact, they are the people who contributed the most to it's society. Many countries are not as educated, and are threatened by people and countries that are. Why else would they be so afraid of people who are smart and can think. You can not deny that this is so. You are not sounding so bright yourself. This is a sad situation concerning Muhammad, and if this is something you cannot understand, then there is no reasoning with you Chris.

  9. Oh I don't know. 50 years in refugee camps. Missiles fired by the IDF into or near schools and hospitals perhaps? in the same situation no doubt YOU would be full of forgiving Xtian charity.

    It is what Hitler did to German youth eh? And of course the settler kids are taught to LOVE their neighbours, by kicking, abusing, throwing stones at and assaulting their neighbours (as can be seen in thousands of Youtube videos if you could open your OTHER eye long enough to check.

    I HAVE been to Israel (Kibbutz Bar'Am, Safed, Haifa, Tel Aviv etc – even briefly the overrated hole that is Jerusalem) and Palestine (including Hebron) in 1994 and let me tell you that Palestinians are no less well educated than Israelis, so please check your facts before you spout them.

    But then of course FACTS get in the way of your prejudices don't they?

    There is no way for YOU to reason with me certainly. Because you don't seem to know what you are talking about.

    Also you don't need to add a new post every time. There IS a reply button.

  10. Oh and sorry to post again before you can think up a reply but in pre-war Germany, Jews contributed MOST to the German economy? On what do you base this rubbish? 80+ million catholic germans did not contribute as much as 3 million jews? Sure they contributed their share, but are you suggesting perhaps that Jews are some kind of ubermensch who are superior to other mortals? A master race if you will? And at that a master race who have a right to subjugate and persecute a weaker race, less able to defend themselves?

    Your (and the good Rabbi's) go to argument seems to be to invoke the holocaust. Seems to me that it's not the Palestinians who most resemble the NAZIs.

  11. THAT long Kimberly and all you can come up with is "Why are you so defensive? Calm down"?

    There is nothing defensive in my reply. If anything it's all attack attack. What can I say? Unthinking racist stupidity and hate, masquerading as considered thought irritates me.

  12. It appears that Kimberly McGregor Clark has blocked me on Farcebook because she couldn't argue her point. This usually means there will be some ridiculously bombastic last point which the blockee can't see to make it look like the blocker has scored some knockout blow. Generally they are abusive. If anyone would like to copy and paste it for me for my own amusement I would be grateful.

  13. Yossi, please excuse the slightly different format. This is still Chris Hollett but Kimberly blocked me from Facebook so I can’t reply to her thread in any way except this.

    And I do appreciate that as an Israeli I am now talking to someone who actually knows what’s happening.

    I agree that in the past Israel has made great efforts to make peace and that Palestine has not always been receptive. Peace was nearly achieved in ’94 under Rabin but … well … we all know about Yigal Amir.

    Although I agree that many Palestinian kids are brought up to hate all Jews, they HAVE been effectively interned in camps for the best part of 50 years. They’re not exactly going to love people they see as oppressors. Saying that I totally accept that peace efforts are often rebuffed. Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and Yitzhak Rabin all wanted peace yet their hands of peace were slapped aside for much of the time. i put this down to the fact that the likes of Netanyahu and Sharon were far more hardline, using the IDF as a bludgeon against Hamas rather than like a scalpel. Collateral damage creates hatred in the local population.

    And on the subject of hate, I am afraid I don’t accept that whilst the Palestinian’s hatred is indoctrinated, the settlers’ hatred is from witnessing Palestinian atrocities. No in both cases I think it is indoctrinated.

    When I was in Kibbutz Bar’Am there were Israeli and Palestinian families living side by side in peace. Not Arab Israelis mark you, but Palestinians. I KNOW peace is achieveable in Israel.

    People need to just stop listening to the extremists who want “total victory” over the other.

    I hope I live to see it.

  14. Chris Hollett One thing that does bother me about your indirectly proposed solution (i.e. taking care of the refugee camp solution):
    We *have* taken steps in the past to try and resolve the issue…I think the furthest we ever got was giving over the Gaza strip, and yet, so far was that from a working solution….

    And yes, I know, Gaza strip is blockaded yaddi yaddi yadda…But they did have a very nice chance to prove themselves, and they still do, and whether you agree or not, Israel does have a very good reason to blockade the Gaza Strip, considering what they did with their imported goods the last time around when the blockade wasn't as strict.

    And as far as prejudice goes…They teach their kids from day one that Jews are dogs and animals and horrible people. We both know that there are (externally) bad/cruel etc. Jews, and great/nice Jews. Likewise with Palestinians or Arabs or Bedouin, and so on. Yet the way they are raised, every Jew is evil, and every Jew is to be murdered if ever granted the chance. (And this is, of course, referring about that particular group of Arabs/Palestinians).

    With the prejudiced Israelis, the kids see themselves the brutality of the Arabs, the ruthless murders of babies and children, the bombings, the missiles, without having ever to be taught to hate Arabs (which, outside of the terrorist context, they are not, mind you).

    And another point, to demonstrate the more prevalent antisemitism amongst the Arabs (as opposed to that of the Jews), you'll notice Arabs *all over the world* terrorizing and murdering Jews (*not just Israelis*).

    There are stories, as well (and no lack of them, either), of previous wars, when Jews had good Arab neighbors in Israel, and yet when the Hebron massacres and the intifadas came 'round, these neighbors who they had known for so many years suddenly turned on them and murdered the Israelis brutally without a second thought…

    My point in all this is to say that there is a much more overwhelming hatred coming from the Arabs. You've visited all these cities in Israel, but have you visited the Arab villages? Have you seen the Arab kids in Hebron and such other places? Have you seen in what a disgusting manner they carry on their lives? Blame it all you want on the conditions we create for them, but I can come up with dozens of examples of peoples who have lived (and live) in MUCH harsher conditions, and yet make some sort of effort to live modestly…(Let's use the Native Americans as a more out-there prime example).

    My main point, however, is…well, what do YOU suppose we do??? Give them more land? So they can use it to send in more rockets? Give them more rights to enter Israel and live like everyone else? So they can smuggle in more weapons and carry out more terrorist activities? They have proclaimed time and again their life statement to wipe the Jews off the face of the Earth, into the sea, and so on, and to take Israel for themselves…If you're suggesting that they get all of Israel and Jews should have at it anywhere else, we have nothing to even talk about. If you're suggesting that we coexist, well I'll bet you most Israelis you'll ask will tell you that if only the Arabs would behave themselves, they wouldn't have a problem. And yet any honest Arab will tell you that he can't live alongside Israelis.

    So what do you suggest?

  15. why is it idiots like you always claim to love the jews, all while vilifying them?

    thats like me saying, hell i dont hate s, i have lots of black friends…. idiot.

  16. Joseph Montalvo
    Just trying to make a point to all those who will happen upon this post; I am at the very least making sure that Kimberly won't remain looking like the loser in the discussion, and on the same time Chris is helping me by making himself look…well you get it. Let's see how long it takes him to come up with a smart response.

    In fact, I'll bet you what is going on in his head as he is thinking of a response (semi-subconsciously) is that he really *would* just rather all Jews get killed off and let the Palestinians reign in Israel (to which I would wish him …well good luck dealing with them yourself once they've turned on YOUR country), and basically trying to figure out how to best phrase his response so as not to totally give himself away.

    Of course I might be very wrong, in which case I apologize, and we are shortly awaiting a fair, objective response which will bring us one step closer to peace (small as it may be).

  17. Yossi. I DID reply. I replied politely and with respect to the bottom of your post.

    If you are going to disregard that reply and play at keyboard warriors, trying to score cheap points then you can go play with yourself.

    And the sad thing is, I though you were the first intelligent responder on this page. Guess I was wrong. Have a nice life all wrapped up in your hate, unwilling to hear opposing views.

  18. Awwwww Joe is looking for allies. Can’t argue his pointon his own. You pretending to be a peacemaker made me laugh. The boy who supports the destruction of Palestinians wamts a peaceful solution now. The boy who brings his hatred of black people into a discussion wants to be seen as a peacemaker.

  19. Yossi,

    Once AGAIN I DID respond to you. Politely and with respect. You appear to have ignored that response in favour of trying to “win” an “argument” that you have chosen to percieve is happening.

    Instead you chose to align yourself with the racist Joe Montalvo and (as usual for yout “type”) accused me of being an anti-Semite by SPECULATING that I want Plaestine to take over all Israel.

    As the caps say, that is pure dishonest SPECULATION on your part and it betrays your lack of understanding of people. I don’t blame you. It is quite often the case with intolerant and closed minded people with a political agenda to push.

    I TRIED to speak to you politely. I TRIED to engage you in a friendly debate. You didn’t want that. you preferred to side with racist and uninformed Americans who know about your country only what they hear on Fox news.

    I won’t try any more.

    A shame really. I honestly thought you were open to a debate. I’ve lost interest in you now and won’t be responding further.

  20. Yossi,
    I have replied to you multpile times. They are all direct replies to your postings. Yet you don’t respond to me, preferring instead to slander me with the usual stock accusations of anti-Semitism whilst you engage in a mutual ego masturbation session with an American racist who couldn’t find your country on a map.

    This is your choice, but as a result I am no longer interested in conversing with you. I am old enough and experienced enough to know that you cannot debate with closed minds or fanatics. Closed minds are for ridicule only (see responses to Joseph “KKK” Montalvo and Kimberly MacGregor Clark).

    If any intelligent posters come to this thread for discussion. Don’t waste your time. I tried. There’s none to be had. Try a different article.

  21. Joseph Montalvo why is it extremist right wingers like yourself are too stupid to realise that the settlers you worship so much are not representative of the entire country. I DON'T claim to love all Jews. I like a lot of the ones I've met during my time in Israel and since then. I greatly respect the late Yitzhak Rabin for his peacemaking efforts (if not all of his war record) and I loathe the racist ones you seem to worship.

    Please don't try and enter a battle of wits with me. You are clearly unarmed.

  22. Asides from his vile hidden sympathy to both Nazis and Arab-militants… among Chris Hollett’s LIES are the ones propagated by Pallywood as IF IDF fires at non-combatants ever… What would have happened if the [powerful] IDF would imitate the Arab-Muslims and really aim at civilians (I am not even going into the use of civilians by vicious Arab-Muslims). As to his silly excuses why the Arabs are raised to hate.. he forgot that already in 1968 Syrian ed. minist. "explained" that 'indoctrinating Arab children into hatred is sacred…'
    He should answer this. Is the anti-Jewish bigotry [the diabolic combination of ethnic Arab racism and religious Islamic intolerance] motivation that motivated the founder of the conflict in 1921 (Mufti) any different from today's anti-Jewish butchers [inside Israel or outside, including in France..] who mask their crimes under "worry" for [self-inflicted, grandchildren of Arab immigrants] so-called Palestinians?

  23. While I certainly wouldn't defend the actions of the settlers, I also don't believe they speak for the whole of Israel in the same way a law like this speaks for a government that would enforce it. As convenient as it would be to blame this law on settlers' awful treatment of Palestinians, it pre-dates both the PA and (20th-century) Israel. There are no saints in this conflict, but the community in Hebron actually seems to be doing something right this time, and the only way this conflict is ever going to end is when both sides are able to recognize some good the other does. They're not even asking to be allowed to live in the home they bought; they're just asking that the person who confessed to selling it not be executed.

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