Photo Credit: King Abdullah II (Tweet)
Jordan's "Palestinian" Crown Prince Hussein

So here’s the question…

80% of Jordanians self-identify as “Palestinians”. Let’s put that aside for a minute.


The wife of Jordan’s King Abdullah, Rania Al-Yassin, self-identifies as “Palestinian”. She was actually born in Kuwait, but her parents are from Tulkarm, in Israel.

This means her son, Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, is half-“Palestinian”. (Unless we follow UNRWA rules, and then, that makes him a full “Palestinian”).

When Hussein takes over, assuming the country of Jordan still exists and hasn’t been run over by either ISIS or Iran, and the Jordanians (80% of whom self-identify as “Palestinians”) have a half-“Palestinian” king (or an UNRWA approved full-“Palestinian” king) does that mean Jordan becomes at least a half-Palestinian State?