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The Saudis, perhaps more so than Israel, are fearing for their lives. One could think of worse reasons than the will to live for cooperation between historic enemies.

The “Palestinians” of Judea and Samaria would have to sit this one out for a while. Without the U.S. to dominate the process, Israel will be taking its time giving them anything other than their human and civil rights – no national rights for now, thank you very much.

Production facilities remain an issue. Who will be able to take Saudi money and Israeli innovation and offer the enormous industrial facilities required for building the fighter planes, anti-missile systems, and desert blooming technologies of the near future?


The Chinese.

They’re already deeply interested in the Middle East. They’re already involved in major Israeli projects. They will not pass up an opportunity to both become an equal player in the global manufacturing of innovation technology, and push the U.S. down several pegs in the process.

This enormous endeavor will require educating millions of Arabs across the region, forging an affluent middle class to replace tribal societies. Driven by economic opportunity, the masses will soon enough come to expect political freedom as part of the pie – within the scope of their traditions, much the way it’s taking place in Arab communities in New Jersey and Michigan—to name but two states—nowadays.

What about the United States?

Israel and Saudi Arabia would of course still remain friends with the U.S. But no longer client states locked into an unequal relationship.

Perhaps by then Sharia law will have replaced the Constitution, and the next president be even more familiar with the way we do business between the Euphrates and the Mediterranean Sea…

Finally: don’t bother lecturing us on the “evil” of Israel’s association with the less-than-stellar human rights records of China or Saudi Arabia. The U.S. has had no problem imposing immoral pressures on Israel to release murderous Arab terrorists “for the sake of the peace talks,” and no unethical problem throwing Israel under the bus to further diplomacy with Iran. If Israel needs to align itself with China and Saudi Arabia for a better and more secure tomorrow, it is easily on a par with its Oslo accords capitulation to Arab terror.

And unlike the dubious promises of Oslo, this deal will provide Israel with economic and military security against the real threat of a Nuclear Iran.

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  1. Saudi Arabia has priorities. The wider Islamic opinion is far more important than an alliance with Israel. That Wider Islamic opinion will be anti Israeli until the Palestinian problem is solved, which explains why Saudi was eager for a solution. When that paper is signed between Israel and Palestine, I will happily be one of the first guests celebrating the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Riyadh the next day! However, until that paper is signed, any such alliance will have to stay a secret affair.

  2. Why can't Saudi Arabia do this strike if they feel so threatened? They spend a massive amount on military hardware. In 2012, they spent 56.7 billion dollars on their military compared to Israel's 14.6 billion. That is higher in absolute terms and per capita. A series of joint airstrike between Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran would guarantee success. Instead they are trying to get Israel to do it for them in the same way they got the US to fight the Gulf War for them. They don't want to actually risk the lives of their own men. I guess money doesn't buy courage.

  3. I disagree with your characterizing Turkey as being on the side of Iran in your portrayal the "New Middle East." I believe Turkey will be a swing country, at most. Otherwise, I totally agree.

  4. I want to thank Obama for his Betrayal of Israel. That means we may have to start the first Nuclear war.

    Obama’s America deliberately decided not stop Iran.

    Israel must attack Iran. If Israel does not destroy Iran completely then this will cause chaos in Iran creating a power vacuum creating an opportunity to Iran neighbors. Causing regional chaos disrupting oil supply to Europe collapsing European economies creating chaos giving opportunity to the Islamic groups to try and take over Europe. Follow that American banks and economy will be affected disrupting American life. The possibility of America economy collapsing is very good due to its ties to Europe.

    America’s future: Europe will fall to Islam and large parts of East and North Africa. America is losing right now but we don’t know how that will go. If America should fall the possibility of a new Dark Ages is real! It will depend on the America people if they wake up and see the danger that will make all the difference.

    What is the chance of British Freedom Party wining a controlling role in the next government? If he does win his plan in nice but it will cause the Muslim population to respond with terrorism. Right now police work with the Muslims. So whichever way you look at it they are headed toward a Civil War, if they are lucky, but a Civil War they just might lose.

  5. Joe Settler And that's why I call on the Saudi gov to initiate a major u-turn in its decision makings and strategic planning. We have long depended on others for everything, and that turned out to be a catastrophic mistake.

  6. Besides, Israel already gave up 78% of its historical territory for the creation of a country called Jordan, which actually is NOT an historical country, the so called "palestinians" represent 38% of the Jordanian population, so the saudis should let the "palestinians" be legalized into Jordania, the only problem is the Monarchy which actually doesn't represent the majority of population in Jordan. The arabs have their territory already, what do you expect from Israel to give up more territories until it becomes a sort of Vatican city?

  7. you know your words are NOT true….the Palestinians are not a real people…Arafat and others made up that name so they could claim they OWN ISRAEL whom they call Palestine and they are so Palestinian people hense kick out (better yet murder all of them) the Jews and let Palestinians rule the former land of Israel….IF that happened (naturally if half of Israel was carved out and handed to the Palestinians they would bring in weapons supplied by Iran and would ally with Iran to destroy rest of Israel…and then they would turn their eyes on taking over the oil of Saudi Arabia to give unlimited wealth to the poor masses called Palestinians and your women would be their playthings and your men would be murdered…you know its true!) Israel and the Jews have NO designs on your country,nor on your oil, nor on your women…in all the six wars Israel took no land took no women destroyed not one country or captial

  8. Bader Al Omar

    Saudi Arabia has precious little time left before IRAN takes you over…your kings will be murdered, your men and cities destroyed, your women are their toys….sounds like a good plan for Iran and
    the Palestinians….do you trust the Palestinians? YOU KNOW YOU DON"T….would you let five million of them come into your country and have full rights as full citizens….NOPE!
    look at how they misbehaved in the gulf war….the former Palestinian workers were THROWN OUT of many arab countries after the war was over….and different nations were hired to work in arab countries!
    BUT you know you could trust the JEWS and ISRAEL

    GOD has said….(read the TORAH) that those nations whom are good to the JEWS will be BLESSED! and those nations mean to the Jews will be cursed…
    lets see…some of the nations that were FOR A TIME good to the JEWS were:
    EACH one of them RULED THE WORLD for a while…but only when they were allowing Jews to live in their nations ….as they turned to hatred and meanness to the Jews their nations became weak and poor and lost wars…

    currently the UNITED STATES is good to the Jews and is the leader in the world but that is slowly changing since we have a new president who hates the Jews…and the USA is fast becoming weak militarily and poor (going into unbelievable debt) and will soon be another fantastic powerful country GOING DOWN THE DRAIN like Spain and Portugal and GREECE did !

  9. I think a correction in the headline is deemed necessary. It is NOT America's betrayal of Israel, but the OBAMA administration's betrayal of Israel. The majority of freedom loving Americans stand tall and proud with Israel. Let's not confuse the facts, please.

  10. Obama won by rampant voter fraud, period. Also, Jews voted for Obama by a wide majority…TWICE. Why? All you have to do is take a look at the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who claims the Obama-Iran deal is just a fabulous thing. The large majority if Christians voted AGAINST Obama and his Jew hating administration. Also, funny thing how New York City just voted in a publicly avowed communist. I wonder what the percentage of Jews voted for that bum? Sorry, but Jews are their own worst enemies here in America.

  11. Marlene Lomba-Villalobos No question, liberal Jews voted against their own best interests, but all liberals tend to do that, not just Jewish liberals.

    But, Jews make up a mere 1.7% of the US population. Obama won 51.5% of the vote.

    Jews make up 9.1% of the population of New York.

    Tough to really blame that all those victories on just the Jews.

  12. I didn't blame all the victories on just the Jewish communities, Joe. Don't put words in my mouth. I find it curious, though, how easily you justify the fact that it seems ok for liberal Jews to vote party line while they knife their own people in the back. Trust me, I give my own liberal Cubans a hard time as well for doing the same. Unlike you, I'm not blind to the fact that we have traitors amongst our own people. I happen to call THEM out instead of blaming others. You lose support quickly when you lump those that help your cause with the boot lickers that stick with ideology over liberty. Start calling out your own and then work your way out.

  13. Joe, I just realized that I'm glad I don't. You're obviously a very bitter man who likes to blame all, but those in his own home. Thanks, but we have enough to deal with here. We're against Ofraudulent and those that voted for him. We just call it as we see it and cover for no one. Good day.

    George, that's painfully obvious, unfortunately. Joe says they're a small number, but twnenty million Jews could've turned this election around. Oh, well….maybe next time, if we still even have a country left.

  14. Please do not judge the people of AMERICA for our governments actions, for we are 2 different entities, the people being of good nature VS our government filled with LIARS, GREED and malicious ways through and through! Pray for the people of AMERICA just as we CHRISTIANS pray for ISRAEL!!!!!!

  15. Marlene Lomba-Villalobos Maybe you're not aware of it, but there aren't 20 million Jews in the entire world. There aren't even 15 million Jews in the entire world.

    At best in the U.S., with its population of 314 million people, there might be 6 million Jews, and that's using the loosest definition of the who is a Jew.

  16. I do not know if what is recommended will come true but it is a thought that has passed through my mind many time. If the middle east could forget their differences and merge economically there is no reason that they could not become a world force to be reckoned with. If one thinks about it Arabs are Jewish brothers.

    I feel that Obama is a Muslim Fundamentalist and has his own agenda not in the best interest of America.

  17. Exactly! OBAMA's best interests lay with BIG MONEY. HE was never elected by the people, NO, HE WAS ELECTED BY THOSE WITH POWER THAT WOULD BENEFIT FROM HIS TOTAL COOPERATION!!!. MONEY and POWER is their DUTY of there day! The duty of dealing with human lives and living ONLY GET IN THERE WAY!!

  18. As a CHRISTIAN from America, IT IS OUR DUTY to PRAY FOR ISRAEL, a duty that we enjoy. FOR ONE DAY ISRAEL WILL BE OUR HOME ALSO says the LORD! As our constitution and our rights are daily being taken away, the BEST that the GOOD PEOPLE of AMERICA can offer is PRAYER for ISRAEL and SOON even that right of prayer will be taken away too. WE MUST BOTH PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER after all is this is not what GOD is waiting for?

  19. Roger above has it right…except when he writes that the Palestinians are "38%" of the Jordanian population. It is actually far higher: at least 70% if not more. Jordan IS the de-facto Palestinian state….and they are also an APARTHEID state ruled over by a minority sect monarchy that treats the Palestinian Arabs there far worse than Israel ever did. Badar Al Omar, when you see majority rule in Jordan, then the "Palestinian problem" will be solved. And anyway, why do YOU care so much about the Palestinians…who sided with Saddam Hussein and would have helped him invade your country – just like they collaborated in the actual invasion of Kuwait – if we had not stopped him? You don't owe them a thing. But thanks for posting here, anyway. Post more often! I never have the opportunity to discuss these matters openly with a real live Saudi. This is fun!

  20. In response to hypocritical comment by Bader Al Omar !
    The Arab states , for more than 30 years , until 1967 War treated the Palestinians worse than slaves depriving them of their most basic human rights !! With the onset of 1967 war , they suddenly all became Palestinian advocates to maintain their autocratical rule in line with their inherent anti semitism !! Therefore , it does not matter what the issue maybe , the question of Palestinian is somehow inserted in the "MIX"!! The Arab States now are "happy " if Israelis retreat to 1967 borders !! But isn't true that prior to 1967 they were in the possession of these territories ?? This in nothing short of vehement anti semitism disguised as Palestinian "problem" !!



    I WAS THE HEAD OF RABBIS FOR ROMNEY. THE AMERICAN RABBIS WOULD NOT LISTEN. WHAT A SHANDA. ISRAEL IS IN TROUBLE.Trying to lull us into complacency is what the Judenrat in the Ghettos did for their masters RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  22. The great grand children of Abraham must forget the past and come together. The Israel-Saudi union can create greater prosperity and peace, not only to the middle-east, but for the rest of the world. Once, India kept aloof from Israel, but now getting very closer.

  23. I've been saying for years that liberty will have a new beach-head in Israel when the Shimon Peres generation begins to die out and is replaced by people who want to live rather than die with style.

    It now looks as though this process as accelerating and by necessity spreading as the stakeholders in survival and rational thought are gaining over the retrograde moslemite tendencies of the region.

  24. I've been saying for years that liberty will have a new beach-head in Israel when the Shimon Peres generation begins to die out and is replaced by people who want to live rather than die with style.

    It now looks as though this process as accelerating and by necessity spreading as the stakeholders in survival and rational thought are gaining over the retrograde moslemite tendencies of the region.

  25. I've been saying for years that liberty will have a new beach-head in Israel when the Shimon Peres generation begins to die out and is replaced by people who want to live rather than die with style.

    It now looks as though this process as accelerating and by necessity spreading as the stakeholders in survival and rational thought are gaining over the retrograde moslemite tendencies of the region.

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