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Edelstein: ‘Still More to Be Done’ in Fighting COVID-19

“The virus is changing its behavior and we must adjust ours accordingly.”

Prayers Requested for Son of Rabbi Avigdor Neventzahl, Diagnosed with COVID-19

The public is being asked to please pray for the swift recovery of Refoel Bnaya ben Shifra.

New York Vandals Rip Down Anti-Slavery Statue on 4th of July Weekend

“What to the Slave is the Fourth of July” was an address in which Douglass questioned the premise of freedom and liberty in a nation that enslaved others.

Palestinian Authority Banks Refuse to Accept Salaries for Terrorists

New anti-terror legislation ... made performance of any bank transaction connected to the payment of rewards for acts of terrorism, a criminal offense.

Israel Closing Clubs, Gyms, Bars, Event Halls in Hopes of Containing COVID-19 Pandemic

National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat: "We are one step away from a total closure."

Israel Set to Appoint First-Ever Bedouin Ambassador to Head Eritrea Mission

Ishmael Khaldi, who has held several Foreign Ministry positions since becoming Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat over a decade ago, is known as a staunch defender of the Jewish state.

Mossad Chief’s Tenure Extended by Six Months Due to ‘Security Challenges’

Yossi Cohen was asked to extend his term in office by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and will remain in office until June 2021.

Israel Expecting 250,000 Olim in Next 5 Years

The Jewish Agency’s call center is flooded with inquiries, an increase of 50% from English speaking countries and 70% from French-speaking countries.

Terrorist Who Murdered Avraham Hassano in 2015 Sent to Life in Prison

Alttiti was also ordered to compensate the Hassano family with NIS 1.8 million.

Rafael Signs with Abu Dhabi Group to Develop Solutions Against Coronavirus

This joint initiative brings together some of the region’s most active players in the response to COVID-19.

Iran Launching Reconstruction of Demolished Natanz Nuclear Site, ‘Bigger and Better’

"More samples of advanced centrifuges were supposed to be produced in the building."

Racism Is Recognized as Intrinsic to Western Societies. Why Isn’t Antisemitism?

Many understand that racism is an intrinsic part of Western societies. So is antisemitism, yet this is acknowledged by very few. Antisemitism was on display during mass demonstrations about the coronavirus pandemic and the problem of racism, but was scarcely remarked upon. There has also been an outpouring of new mutations of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories in the wake of the pandemic. As has occurred for millennia, western cultures are interweaving their antisemitism into issues of the day.

The New York Times vs Orthodox Jews

Antisemitism on the right makes headlines -- the violence that accompanies it ensures that it makes the news; Meanwhile, antisemitism on the left is still denied outright.

Facing a Pandemic of Crises, Few Middle Eastern Leaders Step Up

{Originally posted to the BESA website} The Middle East is at a crossroads. The coronavirus pandemic...

Trump and Netanyahu Face their Rendezvous with Destiny

Netanyahu’s actions over the next few weeks will determine whether he goes down in history as one of the greatest Jewish leaders of all time, or is remembered as a disappointment of Sabbatean proportions.

Stop Legitimizing The Progressive Circus – Register Republican

You’ve been told to join the Democratic Party to moderate it. How has that worked out?

A Tale of Two Revolutions and Why America MUST be Celebrated

The radical narrative that the United States is incorrigibly racist is rooted in a revisionist spirit that threatens the rule of law, civilization and the Jews.

Was Michelangelo A Murderer? An Interview with Rabbi Reuven Fierman on the Potential...

Jean Jacques Rousseau asserted that culture transforms man into an egotistical and lust-filled creature, places him in constant competition with others, and causes him to be a jealous liar.
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Donkey Talk, Surviving Terror, & Celebrating Sovereignty Day

First, Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to feel the burden of the Biblical she-donkey ridden by the evil wizard Balaam who wanted to curse the nation that God had blessed. Then, terror on the eighth night of Chanukah: Chaim Silberstein's daughter and husband survived miraculously - but the baby, and other victims, did not make it. The Jihadist murderer now received four life sentences - but has justice been fully served? Finally, get ready to laugh with Malkah Fleisher: thumbs down on Boris Johnson, and the announcement of Sovereignty Day!

Prayers Requested for Son of Rabbi Avigdor Neventzahl, Diagnosed with COVID-19

The public is being asked to please pray for the swift recovery of Refoel Bnaya ben Shifra.

Kohelet, Tolstoy, And The Parah Adumah

Science deals in causes and effects, not purpose and meaning. In the end, he concluded that only religious faith rescues life from meaninglessness.

My Jewish Privilege

Privilege is not a luxury, it’s a legacy; it isn’t a free pass, it is a weighty responsibility. Privilege shouldn’t breed entitlement, it should demand exceptional behavior.

Korach: Cancel Culture’s Precursor

Their aim was to discredit Moshe, damage his credibility, raise doubts among the people as to whether he really was receiving his instructions from G-d.

Spying On The Land – Or Touring?

They were about to enter a land they had not seen. They had no idea what they were fighting for.

Plague and Prejudice: Today’s Famous Last Words

To prevent us from “expiring” there is only one alternative. We need to be “inspired”, to reanimate ourselves with the spiritual insights of the soul.

Balak: The Blessing of Isolation for Israel

So I ask you, who’s stronger HaShem, or Trump, Johnson, the EU and UN?

Does Anyone Care About Privacy Anymore?

Each tent faced a different direction so that no one could see into the tent of anyone else.

Redeeming Relevance: All You Need is One Good Man 

a different leader of the next generation steps up and takes action. That leader was Pinchas...True leaders like Pinchas don’t come out of leadership schools. When the time is ripe, they simply emerge. 

Parshas Chukas: A Reason to Transcend

Must there be a reason for everything?

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