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This Chanukah, surprise your family and guests with delicious doughnuts accompanied by YOLO, Tnuva’s premium dairy dessert. Made with real chocolate and 70% milk, thick and creamy YOLO works with your signature doughnuts, sfinj or fritters for filling, frosting or dipping. Try the dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate flavors.

Of course, Tnuva is your premium “go-to” for all your Chanukah dairy delights. Tnuva’s hard cheese slices – Edam, Muenster and Swiss – are also available in light versions and work wonderfully in pizza, ziti, quiches and casseroles galore as well as plain old grilled cheese.  Save time to enjoy your company with Tnuva’s Maadanot frozen pastry dough that makes quick work of all your homemade specialties. Tnuva’s Feta and light Feta, manufactured the traditional way, are excellent in all your salads and in any number of baked goods. And don’t forget Tnuva’s Quark Creamy Soft Cheese and Premium Cheese Spreads for spreading, dipping and of course, for that perfect cheesecake.


Tnuva USA President and CEO Yoram Behiri said, “On Chanukah and all year round, Tnuva USA is right there with you, with the most delicious, high-quality, nutritious products that make your holiday treats the best ever!”


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