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U.S. President Joe Biden in Tel Aviv, Oct. 18, 2023.

The United States has approved a whopping $14 billion military aid package for Israel and has also sent troops and aircraft carriers to the region. But the hand that giveth, also taketh away. A month before the savage Hamas attack of October 7, widely believed to be financed by Iran, Biden unfroze $6b in Iranian revenues. Now Biden has approved a sanctions waiver that will put $10b into Iran’s coffers. This leads to the question: If Biden frees up $16b for Iran, and gives Israel $14b, don’t these gifts kind of cancel each other out—or worse?

Biden freed up money for Iran in September, and in October we had Iranian proxy attacks in Israel. Now Biden gives aid to Israel to defend itself from the Iranian proxy, but frees up more money for Iran. The president gets away with this by swearing that the money can only be used for humanitarian purposes.


The president said the same thing about his aid to Gaza. It’s only for humanitarian aid. Neither of these assurances are worth a damn. Hamas literally runs humanitarian aid in Gaza. The money goes straight to Hamas. The unfrozen funds for Iran, will similarly not go to fund humanitarian aid, but will go straight to the terror machine.

It’s true that the Biden administration put a “pause” on unfreezing the original $6b ransom payment to Iran due to Republican criticism. But with this $10b coming in, as Hillary might say, What difference does it make? Iran is still getting way more than it was slated to receive in the first place, thanks to the generous hand of Joe Biden. The question is why? Why is Biden freeing up ever larger amounts of cash for Iran?

Speaking to the Washington Free Beacon, Richard Goldberg, a sanctions expert who previously served on the White House National Security Council, said, “The world is living in a post-Oct. 7 world, but the White House is still running an Oct. 6 policy toward Iran. Why should Iran have any access to more than $10 billion after sponsoring one of the worst terrorist attacks against American citizens and the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust? It would make more sense to freeze all of these accounts and keep every penny out of Tehran’s hands.”

It would make sense to freeze the funds only if protecting the Jews was chief among your aims. This lack of desire to secure the safety Israeli Jews was also evidenced by Biden agreeing to send weapons to protect Israelis living in Judea and Samaria, only so long as no guns went to the people who need them, Israeli civilians:

The guns are critical to Israel’s defense as it faces down the most significant threat in decades. With the military engaged in an assault on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, Jewish civilians in dangerous areas like the West Bank are being trained and equipped to defend themselves against potential attacks.On an emotional level, it feels as though Biden doesn’t want me, a dual Israeli American citizen, to have protection. He is not on my side. On the other hand, he does seem to like the terror-sponsoring, nuclear bomb-producing mullahs.

How do we know? He keeps giving them money in creative ways, such as lifting sanctions on Iranian revenues or putting stipulations on how the money is to be spent so as to forestall criticism. Biden knows that Iran doesn’t play by the rules, especially where money is concerned, and yet he frees up their funds even directly after they slaughter us.

Then, there is Biden’s insistence that Israel allow for “humanitarian pauses” which of course, allow Hamas to rearm and retrench, increasing the danger to Israel and to Israeli soldiers. Like a lot of Israeli Americans, my sons serve in the IDF. They are also American citizens and Biden is endangering them with these pauses. How is this at all humanitarian? Biden allows the “innocent people of Gaza” who voted for and overwhelmingly support Hamas, have time to flee, at the same time as he puts MY children in harm’s way? Biden giveth and he taketh away. And somehow it’s always the Jews who lose out.

So, we have billions of American aid flowing to Israel, but also to Iran. And we also have billions of American aid flowing to Hamas in Gaza. The $106 billion national security aid package that Biden presented to Congress in October includes $9b for humanitarian aid, and while some of that may go to Ukraine or Israel, the White House acknowledges that it’s largely for Gaza, and that means it will inevitably end up in Hamas’ hot little hands.

Sending aid to Gaza is, by the way, illegal, according to Prof. Avi Bell:

Any country providing aid to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip indirectly supports Hamas, thereby breaking United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, explained Prof. Avi Bell of Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty of Law.

He said the resolution, which was adopted by the UN Security Council in 2001 and is therefore legally binding, includes several duties states have to fight terrorist organizations, one of which is to not provide any form of support – active or passive, direct or indirect.

“As long as we have a degree of certainty that some of the aid [entering from Egypt to Gaza via the Rafah crossing] is being diverted to Hamas – and we do have that certainty – then all the states of the world must refrain from providing this indirect support to Hamas,” Bell said.

We are, of course, certain that humanitarian aid is being diverted to Hamas. The IDF provided 300 liters of fuel to Shifa hospital and Hamas took it. Just swooped down and seized it to “fuel” its terror machine. Well, actually Hamas didn’t just swoop down and seize that fuel. First the Hamas terrorists blocked the hospital from receiving the fuel, and then the Hamas terrorists seized the fuel for their own “use.”

It is, by the way, also illegal for Israel to be giving aid to Gaza, knowing it goes to Hamas, and that’s been happening ever since there was a Hamas. But this is a different story. Israel is pressured by corrupt leaders like Joe Biden—Israel is fighting for its life and cannot say no to Biden’s demands. Also, Israel is held to a different moral standard. Because Jews.

Take what happened with Shifa Hospital. The White House let Israel know, in no uncertain terms that it did not want to see fighting there (emphasis added):

“The United States does not want to see firefights in hospitals where innocent people, patients receiving medical care, are caught in the crossfire. And we’ve had active consultations with the Israel Defense Forces on this,” [said US National Security Advisor Jake] Sullivan.

We know what happened with that one, don’t we?

The White House on Tuesday said it had its own intelligence that Hamas was using Gaza’s largest hospital Al Shifa to run its military operations, and probably to store weapons, saying those actions constituted a war crime.

“We have information that confirms that Hamas is using that particular hospital for a command and control mode” and probably to store weapons, national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters aboard Air Force One. “That is a war crime.”

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

That was Shifa Hospital. But we also know what happened at Rantisi Hospital.

Today, in response to bitter criticism of Biden by an American Israeli, I heard my Israeli-born neighbor gently chide him, saying “We have to say thank you to America.”

But do we? Really?

Biden gives Israel money, but he gives it to Iran as well. He gives aid to Israel, but also to Gaza, ergo Hamas. Should we say thank you to America for giving aid and succor to those who perpetrated the single worst massacre on the Jewish people since the Holocaust and who, even now, have Jews in their sights?

What in the name of God is happening here, and why aren’t the people in the rallies demanding accountability?

With one hand, the president of the United States facilitates Iranian and Hamas terror, while simultaneously tying Israel’s hands with the other. The Jews are expendable, he reasons. Give Iran a little nip to take the edge off. And it won’t hurt his creds with Rashida, et al.

But it all has to have a veneer of respectful support for and generosity toward Israel, to appease the other side, as well. It’s a balancing act, but Joe’s been doing this for half his life. He’s a career politician. A hack. The emperor in new clothes.

It’s all a political balancing act: Biden giveth and Biden taketh away. He’ll give us guns, but we can’t use them. He gives money to Iran to take Jewish lives.

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