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Jewish Voice for Peace.
At the “Jewish Voice for Peace” website, rabbi Lynn Gottlieb JVP Rabbinical Council writes about how her community responds to the threat of a Haman:
When we came to the part in the schpiel when Haman’s infamy is revealed, I would ask, “What shall we do with the wicked Haman?”

…Restorative justice ideas stream forth. Haman should intern with Albert the local Jewish baker and learn how to feed Jewish people; Haman and his sons should take lessons in cultural sensitivity and prejudice reduction with Tanya C (an expert educator on this topic in our community); instead of jail time, Haman should work at an interfaith center so he can pay reparations to those injured by his edict.

The kids always suggest he attend Cheder and study for Bar Mitzvah. They figure by exposing Haman to their favorite Cheder activities, he would come to love the Jews of Shushan. “I can teach him Hebrew!” volunteers Simon.
The problem of antisemitism has been solved!
Martin Luther just needed to do some challah baking! Henry Ford should have been invited to a sukkah! Julius Streicher needed to learn more about the beauty of Hebrew calligraphy!
Presumably, this is the advice they would give for dealing with Hamas leaders as well.
Haman, the Spanish Inquisitors, Adolf Hitler and Yahya Sinwar are all fundamentally good people who are just a little misguided. (Unlike, say,  Donald Trump.)

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