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Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot (Archive: 2014)

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I am idly reading an absurd pseudo-intellectual  Mondoweiss piece about how terrible and Zionist Wonder Woman is, where the author writes:

During Operation Protective Edge, Gadot, just cast as Wonder Woman, used her new platform to defend direct attacks on civilians, including women and children. Gadot celebrated Israeli propaganda that every such casualty was Hamas’ fault for storing weapons close to them in the most densely populated open-air prison camp on earth. The most frustrating thing to me is how obviously this invalidates Gadot as a feminist icon, and Wonder Woman as well, when the character is brought to life by Gadot. If gender is shared by all racial groups, feminism cannot be Zionist, just as it cannot be neo-Nazi—feminism that doesn’t have an understanding of how it intersects with racial and ethnic oppression is simply a diversification of white supremacy.


I’ve seen this claim before. But they include a screenshot:

Where, exactly, is Gadot supporting killing civilians? (Later in the essay, the author characterizes Gadot’s posts as “openly call[ing] for the death of women in a neighboring state.”)
On the contrary, Gadot is – like Wonder Woman – trying to save civilians, and only wants to fight the bad guys!
Furthermore, Gadot’s critics are showing that they are the ones who conflate Hamas with ordinary Palestinians – to them, being anti-Hamas is being anti-Palestinian. They are the ones who are implying that all Palestinians are terrorists, not Gadot!
Yes, we live in a world where self-defined “liberals” and “feminists” are more pro-terror than the decidedly anti-liberal and anti-feminist Arabs who have come out strongly against Hamas as a terror group.
It takes a special kind of perversion to take this short Facebook post about defending Israel from terror rockets and to twist it into support for murdering innocent people.
But the anti-Israel side is nothing if not perverted.



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