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Especially in a highly partisan world, there should be moments when people of opposing sides bond and find common purpose. “Fight Cancer” or “Don’t Drown Cats” are examples of easy themes for all to embrace, especially if there are no specific requirements that accompany the chant, such as spending billions of dollars to effectuate the cause.

New York City attempted to pass such banal resolution, declaring April 29 as “End Jew Hatred Day.” The text of the resolution summarized the terrifying statistics of Jews being singled out for attacks. There was no mention of Israel or the Palestinian conflict. Nothing highlighted that most of the anti-Semitic attacks in NYC were coming from Blacks and Muslims.


There wasn’t even a request for money or any action.

The resolution was toothless, a simple vote to support the Jewish community.

Yet it failed to pass unanimously.

Of the 51 members of the New York City Council, two opposed the measure, and four abstained. All six who rejected supporting Jews, are members of the Progressive Caucus and the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus. Five of the six are women and belong to the Women’s Caucus.

The two members who voted against the measure are:

The four members who abstained are:

Shahana Hanif explained her vote against Jews saying that “They [Jews] have not stood up for Muslims, they have not stood up for trans New Yorkers or anybody.”

Councilmember Shahana Hanif (D-Brooklyn) on April 28, 2022.(Photo John McCarten/NYC Council Media Unit)

Charles Barron said that there is “inconsistency of members of the Jewish community, particularly its leadership, in speaking out against hatred, like hatred of the Palestinian people, like the State of Israel murdering Palestinian women and children and stealing the land.”

Hanif and Barron – politicians elected to protect their constituents – essentially said that Jews do not deserve protection and have collectively earned the hatred and wrath of society.

The End Jew Hatred resolution was submitted by:

Inna VernikovKalman YegerJulie Menin, James F. Gennaro, Kristin Richardson JordanEric DinowitzRobert F. HoldenLinda LeeFarah N. LouisDavid M. CarrJoann AriolaJoseph C. BorelliAri KaganVickie Paladino

Sponsors of the resolution to combat Jew Hatred in New York City

While all six of the councilmembers who rejected the resolution denouncing anti-Semitism were members of the Progressive Caucus, only one of the resolution’s fourteen sponsors (Kristin Richardson Jordan) was a progressive.

Progressive minority groups are not only excluding Jews – the most persecuted group in the country – from DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), they are turning a blind eye and enabling antisemitism to fester.

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