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Future guard? Arab child with Hamas headband aims toy rifle on the Temple Mount after prayers in the Al Aqsa mosque. (Archive)

Temple Mount is the most revered piece of land in the world for Jews.

I will not go into the various rabbinic opinions about going up. There are two sides to the debate.


On our holiest ground Arabs play soccer, have picnics, humiliate Jews and call for their death in loud unison while our police watch.

This certainly hurts me very much as a Jew. I feel the shame of our people and of our God. We ignore His honor.

Only those who have been so totally desensitized to the very concept of the centrality and holiness of that ground does this situation does not cause them pain or even a wince.
“When it hurts you yell” we say. Silence.

In my religious home in Brooklyn, and the yeshivot I attended, I do not recall any mention of the Temple Mount as a real place. This is because the mentality of Exile was smoothly transferred from Europe to the “Goldene Medina“, and the last thing that American Jews were concerned with was what was happening on our holiest place. Thankfully, out of site, out of mind and heart.

We learned the laws of sacrifices and the laws of purity but it was as far as one could get from our “real” lives in the Golden Exile. We were trained to keep the blinders on to any discussion of the Jewish Nation and the miracles that were happening…over there. We were the center of Jewish religion and it’s future, in the real world.

Orthodox Judaism was just not ready for the revealed Hand of God bringing us back home and giving us sovereignty over our own land again. This disconnect helps explain the total snub they give to the site of the Temple. They do not know how to handle Jewish sovereignty. A shul, an organization…but not our People in its own land.

In the renewed Jewish presence and sovereignty, a new strain of Jews are arising who live and breath the Jewish renewal in the land and are capable of drawing upon pre Exile sensitivities and strength. They cry out at the humiliation and desecration on our holiest spot. Their hearts are not closed to the daily desecration. It hurts them.

Make no mistake. The Muslims do fully understand the importance of our holiest site. That is why they immediately built their shrine upon it as soon as they took it in the seventh century Moslem conquest of Jerusalem.

They most certainly understand just what our Torah says, that it is the center of the world. They understand that as long as they rule that spot they are in the “driver’s seat”.
It is for that reason that the few but growing number of Jews who understand this are the ones they fear and hate most. Muslims dislike and fear Jews who do not squirm and apologize and try to please.

For most of the religious establishment, not to mention our Secular brothers, there is no protesting the desecration of the site and no demand that it cease immediately because it just does not hurt.
So no one yells.

THAT is the tragedy.



  1. Jews, this is your land. You rule! Don't rule from weakness or fear. Stay strong! Am Yisroel Chai!!!! FOREVER!!!! Strip the terrorists of their identity cards; cancel their health insurance, burn down their homes and give them a one way ticket to Gaza. The world does not care about Jews. The world as as anti Semitic as it was in the 1930s. Teach the terrorists that there are consequences for killing Jews, knifing Jews, crippling Jews, bombing Jews . . Enough lies from dirty terrorists. Netanyahu, do what you have to do; to hell with the U.N.; to hell with Obama, the closet Muslim. Jews, the Muslims are waging a holy war. Do as you must do to preserve your people's right to live in your land. Jerusalem is yours and must not be divided.!

  2. The Muslims understand, that on that Day, Hashem will hand the Temple Mount to the Jews.

    But in the mean time, as long as the Jewish Nation makes no attempt to retake the Mount, Hashem turns His Back to the Nation. The Muslims understand this, as well.

    Mashiach will not manifest, as long as the Mount is not regulated by the Jews. This, the Muslims also understand.

    They know that their days are numbered; why else close up the Eastern Gate?

    But one morning, Mashach will stand before it. And he will cast the Serpent Staff of Hashem to the ground; and he will strike the earth with his fist, and his foot, and the Sword of the Tongue; and the Eastern Gate will be opened; even the graves there, some of them as well, will open up. And Mashiach will go up alone, on the Hidden Stairs, on that Dawn.

    But why not take it for yourselves first, and hasten the coming of Mashiach?

    Do the Will of Hashem; take the Temple Mount yourselves. Do not wait on Mashiach; for Hashem Himself, holds him back, because you have given your heart, soul, and mind, to the enslaving foreigners.

    How can Hashem not turn His Back upon you? Since 1967, all that you have done, has been meaningless, without the Temple Mount.

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