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"Desperate" Arab child with Gun

“Rabbi Ya’akov Litman and his son Netanel, who were murdered in a terror attack near Hevron on Friday, were buried Saturday night in Jerusalem’s Har Hamenuchot cemetery, amid scenes of heartbreaking grief.

Rabbi Litman’s daughter, who was supposed to be married this week, could be heard weeping loudly above the crowd of mourners who came to pay their respects. Family members had to physically support her.”


This report of  the horrific attack on Jews just before the onset of  Shabbat would  have  been deeply imbedded into the collective memory of Israel – had it happened  twenty five years  ago. Sadly, however, this blood bath  will morph  into so many similar ones that have been part of the “peace process” brought to us by our treasonous leaders in 1993. It all becomes a bloody kaleidoscope of  blood and tears, impossible to make  sense of  or separate the images..

Even I, who follows  events by the hour, can not remember anymore who was slaughtered  and when.

We are in a “situation”, or a “low grade conflict” , they tell us. “There is no military solution.” “Terror can not be  defeated.”

And so, we must not expect  this to be  is the last horrible image amongst  the constantly swirling montage of grief. It is part of the “situation”

 Some still insist that it is due to the “occupation”. Others say it is due to lack of a hope for a  “political horizon”. Still others just shrug and say you just can’t beat “it.” All we can do is try to minimize “it.” That’s  life today… 

And that is why, they continue to reason, another Arab state in Eretz Yisroel is of the essence..Just  as it was essential  to bring Arafat here and hand Gaza over to  Hamas…They  always knew, didn’t they?

And  who are we to question? We surely  do not have the sophistication and  information that these opinion makers and deep thinkers have.

In Israel, things are slowly changing. The Left can no  longer win an election. Demographics and  the lengthening list of Jews directly affected by Arab terror have  settled that. The Left does though, still control the very important levers in the justice system, media and academia and they are indeed  fighting a desperate rearguard battle. So far, they have succeeded in putting their fear into “Right wing” governments. But that too must change as the victims list grows and as the percent of  secular Israel dwindles.

As the civilized world is  sent reeling by Islamic terror (or as Obama prefers – “extremism”), it is interesting to recall that just last week, the EU decided to label Jewish goods that come from the “occupied territories”. Perhaps the terrorists have not heard about that regrettable but necessary step in fighting Israeli  “occupation” (not the occupation of Cyprus, Tibet or Chechnya…). Maybe the terrorists have not counted the innumerable times that  the  enlightened world censors Israel?Perhaps they have not been impressed by the BDS” efforts.

 So how, they must be asking themselves, can we Europeans please these people ?!!  We open our doors and pockets to tidal waves of Muslims. We are willing to change our societies and identities. We  have thrown the Jews under the bus, yet the bus is coming for us! Does this  make sense?

The truth is that only true Muslim despair will bring peace. Nothing less.

The inability of  a society  to defend itself is the second stage of it’s demise. The first stage is its unwillingness to do so. 

Long, has Muslim terror plagued Israel and Jews around the world, and what has been Europe’s reaction?

I am reminded of a quote from Rosa Luxemburg, the pre-WWII Jewish, Communist ideologue, so intent on changing the world;” I have no room in my heart  for Jewish suffering. Why do you pester  me with Jewish troubles?” She did not know that as it goes with  the Jews, so it will go with the rest of the world.

It always  has and always will.

Europe would do well to remember Churchill’s warning,”those who appease the crocodile will simply be eaten last.”

Europe is doomed. They drank the Kool Aid with eyes wide open. But they will not be the last ones on the crocodile’s menu. They will be the first course.

It will be the miracle country of Israel and the Chosen, eternal people who once awaken to their own true destiny, will save the world.

It  has been written.

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