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Re: Does the West Have a Double Standard for Ukraine and Gaza? Story by Yaroslav Trofimov, Dec. 1, 2023, Wall Street Journal Dec. 2, 2023    Dear Editor,The West has been bamboozled into thinking that in Gaza there has been a “staggering level of civilian suffering”… “with many tens of thousands of dead and injured”. In all previous wars, Hamas issued body counts were found to be totally bogus. Not only were the numbers dramatically lower, the identities of the victims were fudged so that while the majority of the deaths were claimed to be women and children, they were in fact Hamas fighters. Hamas also refused to take responsibility for deaths from misfired rocket’s that fell within Gaza blaming those causalities on Israel. The death count figures were hugely inflated to turn public opinion against Israel. One would think that the media would learn something from this. Sadly it didn’t The same situation exists today confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, “Does the West Have a Double Standard for Ukraine and Gaza”, Dec.1, 2023 which failed to question Hamas provided casualty figures. Close to twelve weeks after the attack on Israel, Israel is still finding human remains and nobody is bombing the body counters. How could the Gaza Medical Services provide anywhere near accurate counts when not very many buildings have been excavated to check for human remains, and when those doing the checking are hiding in their tunnels? The figures are unreliable, an issue one would think the Wall Street Journal would want to get right. This brings us back to the “double standard” imposed on Israel manifested by Hamas body counts being taken for face value and Israel solely blamed for civilian deaths while Hamas is not condemned for its role in exposing civilians to destruction. Larry Shapiro,

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