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Michael O’LearyCEO RyanairDear Chairman O’Leary,I don’t know if you are pleased or not over one of your flight attendants announcing that the airplane landing at the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel was arriving in Palestine. I’m sure you know that there has never been nor is there now a distinct Arab country called Palestine, so your flight attendant imbued with passionate hatred of Israel retendering her incapable of actually saying the word Israel resorted to insulting Ryanair’s Jewish passengers. One wonders whether she contemplated poisoning their food and drinks. I’m sure future Jewish passengers will think about that before they book with Ryanair.Most anilines adhere to a policy of making their passengers feel at home and appreciated. I can’t imagine that Ryanair’s stockholders appreciate you hiring someone who thinks your passengers are enemies. I urge you fire that person or if the flight attendants union objects, station her is your office in Gaza City where she will feel at home in Palestine. Sincerely yours,Larry Shapiro,


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