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Daniel Gonen, HY"D, murdered in Israel by terrorists, June 19, 2015.

Yet again, Arab terrorists targeted innocent Jews who offered to help and then shot them both, murdering one of them.

Danny Gonen, the 25-year-old who was murdered in Friday’s shooting attack in the Binyamin region’s Dolev, was laid to rest late Saturday night at the new cemetery in Lod. Hundreds of family members and friends attended the funeral, as did rabbis from his yeshiva and many other citizens. (Arutz 7)

Baruch Dayan Ha’emet
G-d is the True Judge
HaMakom yenachem…
May G-d comfort the mourners….

Danny Gonen, HaY”D, and his friend were innocently hiking in the area, which is something they did on a regular basis.


Now, to be perfectly honest, anyone who thinks that Jews shouldn’t be allowed to walk around like that professes apartheid against Jews and encourages Arab terrorism. The criticism and condemnation should only be against the Arab terrorist who shot them and murdered Danny Gonen, HaY”D.

We should not be expected to accept a situation where Arab terrorism against Jews is the norm!

May all Arab terrorists be captured and then executed and not tried as if they were common criminals. 

There is no way we can negotiate peace with terrorists!!

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  1. your statement is correct. the State has failed miserably to provide basic security to its citizens. As a result of Israel's perceived weakness Arabs have no respect for it or for Jews and this is the foundation of open anti-semitism not only in Israel but the world over.

  2. Enough is enough! All Jews in Israel should be armed and be able to use their weapons if needed without the fear of being arrested. The arab is the lowest form of life period. The only thing that comes close to them is the good for nothing , lazy, violent, racist blacks we have in the USA . Any arab who makes a move against a Jew should either be beaten to death or shot to death. All arabs in jail who injured or killed Jews must be executed. It truly sickens me that the government of Israel is doing little or nothing to protect the Jews from these filthy sand s. The time has come for Jews in Israel to take the law into their own hands and teach these filthy piece of arabs a lesson once and for all. As I always say, the only good arab, is a dead arab!

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