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There’s absolutely no way a “deal” can be true peace. “Peace Deal” is an oxymoron.
  • A great “deal” is when you find some discount, slightly imperfect, tomatoes which you need to cook into tomato sauce.
  • A great “deal” is when you discover the perfect outfit in an outlet store for a fraction of the price anyplace else.
  • A great “deal” is when you buy a used care from an elderly person who kept it in the garage, since driving had become too difficult.
  • A great “deal” is when you find property to buy at under the usual price for the area, because the owner needed to unload it immediately and is willing to take a loss on it.
But PEACE?!? That’s something very different.
  • A “Peace Deal” is a photo-op with a very short shelf-life.
  • A “Peace Deal” is a towel bought from some online site which ends up as thin as paper, not the fluffy one in the picture at all.
  • A “Peace Deal” is a wax fruit that melts in the sun.
  • A “Peace Deal” is an expired medicine that poisons rather than cures.
  • Yes, a “Peace Deal” is a fake. It’s faux peace signed for ulterior motives.
True peace is something else. It only happens when both sides really want it, and there’s no sign that the Arabs who keep supporting terrorism against Jews and Israel want that. It will take a long time, if ever, until they do. And in the meantime we must be prepared to fight them and defend ourselves. That’s the only way we can survive.

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