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The new Palestinian city of Rawabi, six miles north of Ramallah, is already an established fact. But the most important goal of the PA is to establish an Arab presence in the areas supposedly belonging to the Jewish State – otherwise known as Area C.

In the right photo – the road when construction started. In the left photo – the new road.

4. The communities of Psagot and Beit El are connected by a local road nicknamed ‘the Garbage axis’, due to the fact that it serves as the access road to Al-Bireh’s municipal landfill. Over the last few months, work has begun to construct a road from Al-Bireh to a Sheikh’s tomb, which is located on a strategic point that dominates the road. During May, construction of a large structure began at an accelerated, and several tents were pitched around it, with the intention of solidifying a civilian presence in the area (Marking No. 4 in the aerial photo).


Here, too, it is clear that this is an illegal activity, yet the Civil administration takes no effective action to prevent it. Stopping the work in this place involves the most simple action. There are no houses being demolished, with the sensitivity involved, only stopping infrastructure work by confiscating work tools and other simple actions that do not even require the allocation of large forces.

The Civil Administration’s disregard can not be explained in any other way besides there existing a deliberate policy from above, to avoid confrontations with the Palestinians and the international organizations that are involved in these projects, and to allow their implementation.

Operations such as those conducted by the PA in the Psagot region are being conducted these very days as well, in several dozens of locations, and no one speaks up, while there are those who could not care less about the law!!!


●       The PA is promoting the Fayyad Plan with determination, using a hypocritical, two-faced policy regarding Israel’s sovereignty over ‘C’ Territories, with the intention of establishing fait accompli.

●       It is possible to identify the PA’s policy, as it establishes its ever increasing control of ‘C’ Territories, and with negative symmetry, Israel is being displaced from these locations.

●       In the face of the PA’s systematic and tendentious operations, the Israeli policy ranges from tacit consent to direct assistance, conduct that makes absolutely no sense politically, defensively or civilly.

●       The Palestinian operations on the ground are being conducted at an accelerated rate, and if we do not wake up and stop it, it may cross the line of no return in the very near future.

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Nadia Matar is one of the founders of the Women in Green