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The Times reported that determining how the Aedes species were introduced to California has been difficult. Officials, the paper said, blame imported tires and plants, but it also can travel via planes, ships, and other vehicles.

Like scores of other establishment media outlets covering the story, the L.A. Times failed to note that the yellow fever mosquitoes, which are thought to have originated in Africa, are now present in tropical areas such as Central and South America and the northeast coast of Mexico.


The insects’ presence in Latin America means the mosquitoes, or their eggs, could just as easily have been transported into the U.S. in baggage, clothing, food, or liquids carried by illegal aliens crossing the border.

The female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time, with the future progeny usually deposited in clusters. Eggs are usually laid on the surface of stagnant water and can hatch in as little as an inch of standing water.

Many of the viruses that can be transmitted by the mosquito, such as chikungunya, which brings paralyzing joint pain, and yellow fever have been ravaging not only Africa but also Latin America and Central America.

Indictment Raises New Questions About Benghazi

The federal indictment of Ahmed Abu Khatallah, suspected of helping to lead the attack against the U.S. special mission in Benghazi, contains information that raises more questions regarding a central claim by Hillary Clinton about security at the mission.

Khatallah was a senior commander and Benghazi-based leader of the Ansar al-Sharia terrorist organization implicated in the assault. He is the only person taken into U.S. custody over the Benghazi attacks.

The 21-page, 18-count indictment against Khatallah was filed last Tuesday and was reviewed in full by this column. It accuses Khatallah of stealing “documents, maps and computers containing sensitive information” from the Benghazi mission.

It further states that before the assault, Khatallah conspired to “plunder property from the Mission and Annex, including documents, maps and computers containing sensitive information.”

But in her memoir, Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton claims the reason Marines were not posted at the Benghazi compound was because the job of Marines is to protect classified documents, and the Benghazi facility did not process classified documents.

During her testimony to lawmakers regarding the Benghazi attacks, Clinton also stated there was no classified material at Benghazi, although some unclassified material was left behind.

While the federal indictment of Khatallah does not say he stole classified material, it was clear the documents and files he obtained were “sensitive.”

Questions have been raised as to why sensitive information housed at the U.S. special mission in Benghazi was not officially designated as classified.


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