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Hundreds of Israelis attend a rally at Rabin square in Tel Aviv, in solidarity with Paris, and in tribute of the victims killed in last night's terror attacks in Paris, France. November 14, 2015.

The modern Jew lusts after a new idolatry today, which tempts him in the same manner that an ancient Jew might have been attracted to Baal or Molach. With Chanukah upon us, we should remind ourselves that Matityahu and his zealous sons were certainly not liberal. Progressive thinking never got in the way of his sword. Matityahu would be horrified to see what happened in the aftermath of his great victories, yet he would have recognized the paganism of liberalism as an extension of Hellenistic thought. Liberalism rejects objective truth and the notion of an absolutely true Divine covenant. Liberalism accepts multiple truths.; as such, liberalism is inherently un-Jewish.

Liberalism in the current usage of the term is an ideology of pseudo-moralism, where principles are twisted and altered on a whim, to satisfy the latest version of political correctness and societal perception. Liberalism reflects a detachment from the most basic components of human morality. The innocent are guilty. Predators become victims. Society eats itself. How else to explain the support many American liberals still have for “Planned Parenthood,” even in the wake of numerous videos documenting monstrous actions? The modern day liberal worships at the altar of women’s rights, and no horror on earth, documented or otherwise, will get in the way of his progressive thinking.


Liberal hypocrisy: This generally applies to all tenets of contemporary liberal values. Liberals profess to oppose violence, yet they consistently tolerate, perpetuate, and appease the worst perpetrators of violence in society. Liberals support policies, which harm the innocent in order to fuel a self-righteous need to understand the “humanity” of predatory humans. The fully formed innocent in the womb is robbed of life, yet serial rapists and murderers deserve rehabilitation. Animal rights before people. “Gay rights,” except when Muslims hurl homosexuals from buildings. Same with female genital mutilations, beatings, and honor killings; favorite pastimes of Muslims worldwide. Outrage is always selective.

Liberals oppose racism, unless it is perpetrated against whites, Jews, and those who don’t fall under the multicultural umbrella. The black equivalent of the KKK is acceptable and indeed reasonable for too many liberals. Black supremacy, Latino Power, all of them noble for the contemporary liberal. Multiculturalism is for cannibals and headhunters. In truth, black lives do not matter to most liberals. If they did, they would place the microscope on black society as a whole. The perception that they do is far more important to them.

In the absence of morality, liberalism fester and worsens. A liberal society is a dying society. A society which cannot fathom the wisdom of great Jewish scholars who noted in the classic “Ethics of the Forefathers”: “Who is wise, he who sees the future.”

A liberal never learns. Look at Europe. Blown up today by jihadists, yet they continue to appease the hordes of Islam the very next day. Obama and other world despots are importing murderers into their own countries, despite the evidence and the carnage before their eyes. Even the documented acts of Islamic savages sawing heads off and crucifying thousands, fails to impress the liberal. “A minority,” they declare. “Our eyes and ears are deceiving us. Islam is peaceful.”

Jewish Liberal: Portrait of a Chillul Hashem

Moreover, when a Jew is a liberal, and in our secular age, most self-identifying Jews define themselves as such, the additional sin is that Torah is distorted, which constitutes a desecration of G-d’s Name, and a rejection of the Jewish mandate to spread His knowledge to the world. In the absence of Torah, the laundry list becomes perverse. Jews support anything and everything. Jews for Obama. Jews for Hillary. Jews for Amnesty. Jews Against The Occupation. J-Street. Peace Now. A billion other horrors. Jews in support of the butchers of Planned Parenthood. Dissecting fully formed babies and harvesting their “parts,” all of them are women’s rights, which the Jewish liberal will militantly defend.

Then there is the trademarked groveling of the liberal Jew. It’s hard to endure self-loathing among Jews. It’s everywhere these days. The epidemic of customized French profile pics on Facebook. “I stand with you France, even if you stand with my enemies, these lemmings declared.  Tel Aviv lighting up buildings with the colors of France. It makes sense in a way, since by and large, Tel Aviv is France. Selfish. Decadent. Bohemian. Perverse. Self-Loathing. Anti-Semitic (self-hatred earns them this label). France would tolerate cannibalism, if such a tribe existed among them. In Tel Aviv they eat themselves. When Jews are killed in Hebron, there is silence in the streets of Tel Aviv.

What can be more undignified than a Jew changing his profile pic to the French national flag? Can there be a more degrading, pandering, gesture towards a nation of Jew haters, who align with our murderous enemies time and time again? Let all of Eurabia burn. Let them enjoy the benefits of Islamic savagery. Would any French citizen ever contemplate the notion of changing their profile pic to represent Israel’s flag?

What does that say about us Jews? Not that we are decent. Don’t even bother with that nonsense. The French hate us. It speaks more about the abnormal psychology of Jews than anything else.

France? The same Jew hating France where the Muslims rival the savages of their brothers in Gaza, both in desire and intent, and the “indigenous” Frenchmen condemn and boycott Israel with the hatred of their Vichy forebears. In France, the atheist anti-Semites are still pagan. They still enjoy ghoulish “Passion Plays,” albeit, Islamic ones in shopping malls!

I have no pity for France, Germany, Great Britain, or any of the European Union nations who never miss an opportunity to spread modern day blood libels and arm our enemies. Europe hated their Jews. For two thousand years they let us know it with the flame and with the sword. Now they will have an Eurabian Caliphate and Sharia law to contend with. Europe is a terminal patient waiting to die. If this is not a manifestation of Divine Retribution right before our eyes….

I consider liberalism to be a mental disorder and a spiritual pathology. Naturally, the Jewish version is always worse, since the Jew brings his unrelenting passion, talents, and energy to the table, and he retains a stiff neck for eternity. And he begs a Jew hating world to love him.



  1. Robert Wells, Palestine, Texas
    Thank you for your most excellent and truthful article on the
    G-dless liberals. They are of their father the devil and will wind up in hell if they do not change. Please do not judge Americans by Obama and his minions, most in USA love G-d and Israel/ Never give up. Remember the Alamo.

  2. "Those who refuse to learn from History are doomed to repeat it." (Sic. – I may not have the quote right, and I know there is some nit-picking crank out there who spends its waking hours searching for things like this.)
    Okay, back to the 1st course. I've heard M. Fuchs before; weekdays between 12:00 and 14:00 EST on WORD-106.3 FM.
    Don't understand? Tough!

  3. Liberalism believes that man can take care of himself. 6,000 years of history later, and they still have not learned their lesson. Liberals are far too selfish, too self-centered to the exclusion of all others, to do so.

    Hashem knows better; and that is why Mashiach is the ideal of the Nation.

    If Liberals were correct, there would be no need for, nor expectation of, Mashiach.

    The ideal of Mashiach, is proof-positive that Liberalism is a 6,000 year old failure.

  4. What the author ignores is that Judaism is a liberal religion, even a radical (in the best sense of that term, religion.

    Please consider Judaism's powerful teachings on compassion, peace, justice, environmental sustainabiity and much more.

    Please consider that the teaching that occurs most often in the Torah is that we should be kind to the stranger, for we were strangers in Egypt.

    Please consider that the biblical prophets were the greatest champions of social justice in the world's history.

    Please consider that the modern Republican party has shifted very far to the right under the influence of the Tea party, is in denial about climate change, and favors the wealthiest Americans at the expense of average Americans.

  5. Judaism is not a liberal religion, Richard. Judaism, as expressed in the Mosaic Law is devoted to allowing G-d almighty to show human beings how to live, and prosper and this in perpetuity. Liberals today seem to think that the blessings that western nations have enjoyed [and are now squandering] were something that just happened, out of the blue. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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