Photo Credit: Judah Rosenthal


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Judah Rosenthal - warrior, artist, 10 year veteran of IDF Special Forces, combat instructor, freelance illustrator and cartoonist. Judah lives with his wife and 4 children in Bat-Hefer, Israel.


  1. Only Hashem! Jews are one unit since Joshua crossed into Eretz Yisroel after Moses died. Now which side are YOU on? Hashem (G-d) doing the commandments, i.e. observing Shabbat without driving to Shul or are you on the secular side, eat what I want, when I want, do want I want, etc. Beware, your actions are killing and maiming Jews because we are one spiritual body. How are we doing? Look at the world, is it calm and peaceful or are there wars? Jews control how the world acts, spiritually since we are Hashem's children. The goyim got it right when they say, it is Jews' fault that there is war because we are NOT doing what Hashem wants us to do. Now is the time for self improvement and teshuva before Rosh HaShana. Remember, every Jew counts. No one is exempt.

  2. let's see. . . who might be in the coalition who would be on our side? I am scratching my head. Poland? The Chech Republic? india? It is the rest of the world's battle to fight as they will. Israel will watch from the sidelines and take care of its own backyard.

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