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With Friends Like These…

I am no longer a fan of Bibi Netanyahu, whose fall from power and desperation to return to power seem to have robbed him of most of his principles.


But I wholeheartedly agree with his calling out the American Senators who saw fit to “warn” Israelis that voting Itamar Ben Gvir into the next government would threaten the U.S.’s relationship with Israel (“Netanyahu: Why The Warnings About Ben Gvir And Not Tibi And Odeh?” October 7 issue).

Not only did we not hear a word from these self-proclaimed “friends” of Israel when Arab parties – who deny Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state and make nice with terrorists – became part of the last government, but they also seem rather unfazed about the rabid antisemites who are their colleagues in the U.S. Congress. Those radicals, which is growing in numbers and influence, are the true danger to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

D. Gross
Monsey, NY


Berkeley Law’s New Low

The banning of pro-Israel speakers by nine student groups at Berkeley Law School illustrates how far gone the situation is for Jews on American university campuses (“Q&A With Brandeis Law Center Chairman On Banning Of Zionist Speakers At Berkeley Law,” October 7 issue).

Where are all the bleeding-heart campaigners for equality and free speech? Why did it take an op-ed by Kenneth Marcus to arouse outrage, and why do I suspect the issue will soon fade back into oblivion? If anyone doubted that antisemitism and anti-anything to do with the Jewish State are alive and well in woke America, here is your proof.

Tova Weiss
New York City


Sukkos Inspiration

I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed your assortment of inspiring Sukkos-related articles. From the story of the special sukkah smuggled out of Nazi Germany to the selection of columns offering insights into the arba minim and why Sukkos is meant to be the most joyous festival, The Jewish Press gave me a fresh perspective on this holiday whose meaning is sometimes hard to tap into and which, coming after Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, doesn’t always get its due spiritual attention.

Thank you for enhancing our chag!

Avi Jacobs
Woodmere, NY

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