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Hamas chief in Gaza Yahya Sinwar holds a child human shield dressed as a Hamas terrorist during a rally in Gaza City, May 24, 2021.

Israel has had plenty of experience with peacekeeping forces on its borders before. Whether it’s in Jerusalem or Lebanon, international peacekeeping forces do nothing to stop attacks on Israel and provide cover for Muslim attackers. And with a record of generations of failure, somehow this terrible idea is being rebooted yet again.

Biden administration officials are in preliminary “conversations” about options for stabilizing post-war Gaza, including a proposal for the Pentagon to help fund either a multinational force or a Palestinian peacekeeping team.

The options being considered would not involve U.S. troops on the ground, according to two Defense Department officials and two other U.S. officials, all granted anonymity to discuss the closed-door diplomatic and military negotiations. Instead, DOD funding would go toward the needs of the security force and complement assistance from other countries.

Asked for comment, a senior administration official said “we are working with partners on various scenarios for interim governance and security structures in Gaza once the crisis recedes,” declining to detail specifics. “We’ve had a number of conversations with both the Israelis and our partners about key elements for the day after in Gaza when the time is right.”

A ‘Palestinian’ force means most likely the terrorists from the Palestinian Authority, some of whom took part in the Oct 7 massacres, and who continue to plot and carry out terrorist attacks against Israelis.


While a multinational force either means a UN force of the same kind that allowed Jordanian snipers to terrorize Jerusalem homes and Fedayeen Jihadists to invade Israel from Gaza and massacre civilians before the Six Day War, or worse yet, a “regional” Arab Muslim armed force.

The implication is that the Biden administration favors the latter approach.

Although U.S. officials have had conversations with regional partners about what the makeup of such a force would look like, none has confirmed participation because the plan is not finalized, the DOD official said. Many countries in the Middle East told the Biden administration they would consider participation only when there was a serious two-state solution plan in place.

Bringing in Arab Muslim armed forces into Gaza would put enemy nations in a position to invade deep into the heart of Israel.

Either way, an international force will be an occupation of part of Israel, and will prevent it from being able to respond to terrorist attacks out of Gaza. It will effectively turn Gaza right back into a terrorist enclave in which Hamas, Islamic Jihad and anyone else can safely operate.

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