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EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton marking the V sign for Victory with a chicken leg, standing next to former Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad, January 6, 2011.

Yesterday’s announcement by the European Union, to block funding to any organization that has direct or indirect ties over the Green Line (Jerusalem, Golan, Judea and Samaria), unless they are a leftwing organization, has shocked Israel.

The overt anti-Semitism, the transparent politicization, and the blatant chutzpa took Israel by surprise. Worse, at first it felt as if Israel were trapped in a corner with no options to respond.


But reality is different.

The EU is in bad shape. It has economic problems, social problems, and credibility problems.

With its most recent action, the EU overplayed its hand, not considering the backlash the decision could cause.

Some responses Israel may choose would hurt the EU quite a bit.


In March 2012, following a UN attack on Israel that went too far, Israel announced a boycott of the UN Human Rights Council, declaring it a “superfluous and extravagant body” that Israel would have no connection to anymore.

This caused an earthquake in the UN, and it still threatens to destroy the credibility and legitimacy of the council.

Most importantly, Israel’s declaration has forced the HRC to take clear steps to correct itself.

The first action Israel must take here as well is the most obvious one: the EU craves legitimacy on the international stage. With wildcat strikes hitting Greece, Spain, and Portugal, to name but three ailing EU members, the organization must prove it is relevant and credible.

Israel should expel the EU from the Peace Process.

Israel should declare—something Prime Minister Netanyahu was hinting at in his Tuesday night statement—that the EU and all its member states will no longer be considered honest brokers, and no Israeli official will meet with them on any issue related to the Peace Process. It only takes a simple statement, and it will be enough to cause them to capitulate.

Any member state wishing to be included in the peace process must sign a statement that the territories of east Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights are in dispute and their fate will be determined through direct negotiations. It must also commit to disregarding the EU directive regarding those same territories.

Be firm and consistent – they will fold.

Israel is an important trade partner with Europe, and its third largest trade partner in the region following the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Israel buys from Europe more than it sells. A retaliatory trade war and boycott in response to their expulsion from the Peace Process would hurt the already flailing European economy, it’s the last thing they want, and not a step they would take in response.


Next Israel must immediately pass the Foreign Agents Act, with an additional stipulation.

As the EU’s declaration makes it clear that they will now only be financially supporting NGOs on the far left, Israel must make it clear that any NGOs receiving EU funding are de facto foreign agents. These NGOs fund raising will be curtailed, their access to Israeli government officials would be restricted, and their entry into the Knesset will be forbidden.

Watch the left wing NGOs quietly pressuring the EU to back off their directive.

All it takes is a firm conviction on our part.


The third step is financial.

The EU invested close to 1 billion dollars in research grants and investments, some of which could now be lost.

Israel should approach private, patriotic wealthy Jews — Sheldon Adelson, who put his money where his mouth was this past U.S. election, comes to mind — to pick up the slack. In return, those who invest in Israeli research will reap the benefits in royalties, shared patent ownership and so on. They could stand to make a lot of money.

Stand your ground, don’t blink, they’ll blink first.


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  1. I like the idea of a strong approach but Israel will try and pressurise the EU diplomatically as usual and remain in the mud. Israel has not had since Menachim Begin a strong table pounding leader – but don't worry – The EU doesn't have anyone either.

  2. This is not the 1930's/40's when there was no Israel and when 6 million of us perished in the countries that make up the EU. BDS led directly to the Holocaust and Europe is the graveyard of my family. The EU is falling apart stand firm Israel and don't blink.

  3. tell Tutu this.
    He is pushing hard for the BDS campaign against Israel
    He even said, when he was At the eternal flame in the Holocaust Memorial hall at Yad Vashem, that the "JEWS MUST FORGIVE THE NAZIS FOR WHAT THEY DID"
    This Jew hating archbishop, or should we call him arch Jew hater, is trying to destroy Israel. He has told every celebrity not to visit Israel. He tried to stop the Cape Town Opera company, made up of Black people from performiing in Israel, They told him in a very nice way, to "get lost" They went and came back raving about Israel, They found no evidence of apatheid in Israel.

  4. Here's a really crazy idea. Instead of running around making ridiculous threats why doesn't Israel genuinely negotiate a peace agreement for establishing a Palestinian state on the West Bank? (Everyone knows the basic outline of such an agreement: Israel keeps its largest settlements, dismantles the outliers, and cedes an equal amount of territory in the Negev to the Palestinian state). Such agreement would end the EU problem, permit Israel to establish relations with the moderate Arab states like Saudi Arabia, and bring a measure of justice to all parties. Crazy idea, No? (But only to followers of The Jewish Press.)

  5. Blah blah blah. Everyone knows it. Blah blah blah. If you keep repeating it, maybe somebody will believe it. Blah blah blah. Get over it. Nobody is going to break up Israel. Everyone knows that.

  6. I agree with the article, but Netanyahu should give a speech in conjunction with these measures pointing out how, legally, the West Bank belongs to Israel (along the lines of the Levy Committee report), except for what it has voluntarily relinquished under Oslo (in Areas A and B), and its willingness to relinquish more of ITS territory in the West Bank in the interests of peace — but nowhere near the amount that the anti-Semites falsely claim belongs to the Arabs.

  7. The EU, UN and Organization of Islamic Council never miss an opportunity to denigrate, debase, defame and vilify Israel..Let us remind our enemies that Masada will not fall again.

  8. You can't negotiate a valid agreement with an entity that doesn't even accept your legitimate right to exist. "harrylax30", "peace" is not a commodity you can choose or choose not to buy off of a store shelf. Peace can only come about as a result of terms. Everyone wants "peace", but on what terms? The terms of the PA include, among other things, that they won't ever accept the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state..which means that they will not consider themselves bound by any agreement with Israel. After all, one cannot be held to the terms of an agreement with an "illegitimate" entity, just as one can't be held to the terms of a contract signed with a minor. Then, there is the PA demand for ROR anywhere in Israel, the fact that Hamas would likely take over the PA in any event and start subjecting Israel's most important population and industrial centers to what they've already subjected Sderot to…You just don't get it, or you don't want to get it. It is up to the PA to really choose peace, it is their fault there is no peace, and the anti-Semite, petrodollar whore Europeans won't hold them accountable for it. So, why don't you lecture them, instead of us?

  9. This is a great set of ideas, and I hope they are implemented. But I think we need to move the ball in the direction of Jordan, too. They are the real Palestinian homeland. The PA is no more than a terrorist organization, the "cannon fodder" of the Arab/Moslem world, and their sole purpose is to undermine and delegitimize Israel. Israel and her supporters have got to delegitimize the PA as the rightful standard-bearers of Palestinian Arab national aspirations…and shine a spotlight on the REAL "apartheid" state: Jordan. Democratic reform there – which would allow the royals to stick around, just in a ceremonial role, as in Europe – would solve the problem and give Palestinian Arabs a homeland far better than anything they would have under the PA in Judea/Samaria. But that's no fun, 'cuz such a deal would leave Israel secure and intact, and the Jew haters and petrodollar whores of the UN, the media, and the universities just can't have that, can they?

  10. Yes, if Israel wants to treat it as such. But why, on practical grounds, would Israel want to reincorporate into itself one or two million jihadist barbarians who are hostile, murderous, and unproductive? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  11. harrylax30 – mostly because the Palestinians are yet to embrace that fine set of universally accepted points. They want only 67, they want East Jerusalem, they want every last Jew out. Same goes for the Saudi plan. There is no official, public offer to do what you're suggesting — not even the US is backing that.

  12. In any case it schould be made clear, that 20 years of Jordanien
    accupation of the westbank, does'nt give the PA the eternity right of the places, and certainly not on the Border between 1949 and 1967.
    They regected in the First place thier own posibel country, and now the want the same conditions as in 1949, but since than is a lot happened.

  13. I used to wonder how the cultured, 'moral' Europeans could commit such atrocities towards us Jews. Now I don't. Just look at their blatent Anti-Semitism.

  14. I could not agree more. Watching Western Europe's movement toward public anti-semitism is like looking at Germany in the mid 1930's. The EU has been appeasing their swelling anti-jewish ranks for long enough. It needs to stop now.

  15. With most of the European countries on the verge on financial collapse, the last thing they want is to jeopardize their business with Israel and when Israel develops its oil and gas reserves in the next couple of years, they will be singing quite a different tune!

  16. Many very good ideas. An additional one: Public Diplomacy: the EU is a most undemocratic organisation, nevertheless the people in individual member-states have influence on the governments of their states. Israel must invest large effort [and money] in directly addressing the public. Many of the peoples of Europe have not been bought by Arab money, and are justifiable afraid of radical Islam, which is funded by Arab states. They know that IF Israel falls, they will fall also. Israel can raise considerable support in Europe to put the arrogant bureaucrats of the EU in their place.

  17. how do I comment as 'just' a Jewish Press subscriber? I have registered a user name, email address and password… yet, when I 'log in', I am presented with a 'profile' page which offers no visible means of getting back to the page I wish to.
    comment on? Equally, it appears I must give facebook permission to view my personal info before getting even this far? help appreciated you have my email address. KateHA

  18. …Next Israel must immediately pass the Foreign Agents Act, with an additional stipulation…

    good idea and russia have done the same with ngo*s from europe and expeled some of them from russia as foreign agents.

  19. The EU and the UN are nests of hatred now, sheltering some of the biggest violators of Human Rights (the REAL human rights – not the ones that these failed organisations refer to so euphemistically) and should be first indicted then disbanded.

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