Jews come home

No more to roam.


Haven’t you heard the news,

We’ve now got a State all of our own!


I know it’s been such a long time to wait,

But our prayers have been answered from Heaven above

‘Cos now we’ve got a State to cherish and love.

Two thousand years of exile have ended

Wandering the world in persecution and pain

But today we can weep tears of joy

Because the Wandering Jews are home again.


Well now we’re back home in our own little State

Just a speck on the map but it feels just great.

So come on home my people, don’t hesitate

Come on home and celebrate!


Our flag flies proud, our flag of blue and white,

Calling to our people far and wide

To our homeland to return,

To our ancient Promised Land

The land for which we yearned

Which we fought so hard to earn.


So come sing with me with all your might

The Hatikva of hope, of prayer and of pride

In the Hebrew tongue revived

In the Land of Israel miraculously reborn,

So come on home all you Jews

What are you waitin’ for?!


Just remember what the Prime Minister said

Words that I shall never forget:

“This is your country! This is your home!”

So make Aliya with no regrets.

Just pack your bags day or night

And get on board the El Al flight

And very soon you’ll be home again

In our Land of Zion and Jerusalem.


Land of the Patriarchs and Hebrew

Land of the old, land of the new

Hebron, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa too

The Land of Israel can’t wait to welcome you.

(Jerusalem, January 2016)




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