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During the last presidential election, “basket of deplorables” was the title earned by Trump supporters, many of whom cowered in fear of being exposed. They knew that coming out of the closet would lead to incredulous ridicule, loss of friends, and even loss of jobs. But many of those who remained silent were determined to be heard at the ballot box.

The minute after Trump “inexcusably” won the election, things got much worse. The Democrats worked themselves up into a climactic frenzy. The initial feelings of shock and disbelief generated free-flowing tears, mass hysteria, and noble threats of suicide. College youth were offered “safe spaces” to deal with their feelings of betrayal and to mourn the tragedy of Trump’s victory. After all, the Democrats were entitled to win. What happened? Their faith in humanity was shattered. How would they ever find a way to heal?


The initial feelings of shock and betrayal soon evolved into a paroxysm of anger. Plots were hatched to unseat the duly-elected president of the United States. Conspiracy theories of Trump colluding with Russia took on wings thanks to a complicit media. No evidence of a criminal act by Trump was uncovered, but the unfettered rage could not be bottled up.

Adding to the drama was a so-called comedian’s disgusting mock Trump beheading, a decidedly un-Shakespearian play about an assassination of a president, and a vulgar “Woman’s March” whose speakers shouted profanities. One even spoke of dreaming of “blowing up the White House.” Historical statues were destroyed by the angry Leftist mob, desperate to find a cause where anger could be exploited and violence fomented. Throughout it all, Trump was blamed and made out to be the villain.

And it continues — relentlessly. The more the president exposes their lies and the more they see the president succeeding in fulfilling his campaign promises, the more desperate they are to unseat him.

Meanwhile, under Trump’s watch, ISIS has been destroyed. In a historic move, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the U.S. embassy was relocated there. We have backed out of the Iran Deal. Nikki Haley has unequivocally condemned the anti-Semitic-Israel bashing at the UN and President Trump and Kim Jong Un have signed a treaty to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

At the same time, the economy is on the rise, unemployment is down, and the Supreme Court has declared Trump’s travel ban to be constitutional. Another victory for Trump and for the people.

But the Democrats never run out of wind, and have latched on to a new crisis. The separation of immigrant children from their parents who were being detained while crossing the border illegally has become the new “cause” of the Democratic Party. Under Obama, unaccompanied illegal children were released to the custody of unvetted strangers, leading to abuse of these children. But most of us didn’t hear about this practice because the media did not headline it on a daily basis as they have under Trump, blaming him for a policy he did not start.

Democrat leaders have shamelessly contributed to this hysterical frenzy. Chuck Schumer has incredulously said that the difference between the United States and Venezuela and Cuba is that the latter don’t have “internment camps”!

At a rally, Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters called upon people to protest and publicly harass Trump officials in restaurants, at gas stations, and even in their homes. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was denied service at a restaurant because she serves as President Trump’s press secretary. After she and her entourage quietly left to another establishment, the restaurant owner actually followed her and continued to harass her there as well.

Other officials working for Trump have similarly reported being harassed and intimidated.

The Democrats accuse the Republicans of being divisive, intolerant extremists, supportive of a “lunatic” president. That claim, in light of their outlandish displays of intolerance, is quite laughable. With each new cause that turns into a new crisis, the Democrats have gotten louder, bolder, and gratingly shriller. In short they are increasingly out of control.

Alas, it seems likely that their bizarre behavior will continue unabated throughout Trump’s presidency — and probably beyond it too.


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Ettie Kryksman is a longtime yeshiva and public school teacher living in Brooklyn.