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We cannot ignore it any longer. Israel may vehemently deny accusations of practicing a form of apartheid, yet an entire population within the country suffers at the hands of an awful policy of discrimination.

One need not subscribe to any specific political ideology in order to admit the failure of the Israeli government to rid the country of this abhorrent partiality whereby basic rights of a particular population of citizens are trampled on daily. The time has come to note these injustices in order that we may begin building toward a brighter future.


So let us speak of the real discrimination the Jewish population of Israel suffers daily. And just as South Africa’s apartheid policy involved the majority suffering at the hands of the minority, so too Israel’s majority of Jewish citizens continue to suffer at the hands of a minority Arab population. The discrimination is manifest in numerous ways. Here are but some examples:

• While the Jewish sector is required to fulfill its civil obligations, the Arab sector simply does not. The government is all but silent as the Arabs of Israel consistently avoid paying income and city taxes. Knesset Member Faina Kirschenbaum described the reality as such: “The Arabs are an economic burden on the state. They barely pay taxes and yet receive huge budgets from the state.” Additionally, as a result, many positions and full industries have come to be dominated by Arabs, with Jews unable to compete. What could be more discriminatory than imposing a tax on Jewish citizens while sanctioning wide scale tax evasion on the part of Arab citizens?

• While Israeli law requires Jewish towns and their businesses and institutions to employ and admit Arabs, Arab towns are virtually Jew-free. Additionally, while these same towns are never the focus of international accusations of illegal building, Arab residents (who, unlike Jews, are offered free professional government assistance to aid with housing permits) rarely seek permits before proceeding to build.

• While Jewish citizens of Israel are required to serve the state in the form of military or national service (unless contributing in some other form), the Arab citizen is free from any service or contribution to the country that provides him enormous benefits. As the Jewish citizen gives years of his life for his country, the Arab citizen uses this time to pursue his personal education, obtain a job, and advance his own career early on. When national and military service veterans are offered benefits that are hard earned, the Arab fights these with legal claims that they discriminate against the Arab community (which does not serve), often winning.

• Jerusalem is the most precious city to the Jewish people, with the Temple Mount at its center regarded as the holiest site on earth. While Arabs are free to visit and pray as they please, Jewish citizens of the Jewish state are not as privileged. Visits for Jews must take place at restricted hours with constant and humiliating supervision by Muslim religious council officials and accompanying Israeli security. Any prayer on the part of a Jew in this part of the Jewish capital will land him in police custody.

• While Jewish citizens are prohibited from even whispering their prayers on the Temple Mount, the Arab is free to sound his prayers throughout the day and at untimely hours (including pre-dawn) on loudspeakers that can be heard for miles. Additionally, the Arab community regularly blasts loud music, sets off firecrackers and performs festive shootings at late-night celebrations. While anti-noise legislation pursues Jewish car alarms, leaf-blowers, and even ill-timed piano lessons – so as not to disturb the peace – the Arab communities are immune to prosecution due to fears of escalating tensions.

• While Israel’s Supreme Court continues to allow Arab political parties – which openly support terrorism against Jews and reject Israel’s right to exist – to run for and sit in parliament, Jewish parties with far milder stances remain disqualified.

• While a Jew accused of murder will likely sit in prison for several decades to life, Arab murderers of Jews are likely to be released every so often as part of goodwill gestures or political agreements.

• Lastly, the most basic right of any citizen is that to live freely and securely. ‎While Jewish citizens are stabbed, run over, and gunned down in any and all areas of the Jewish state, Arab citizens are essentially free of fears of Jews doing the same to them. While an Arab child may go skipping through any Jewish section of the Jewish state at any hour without a care in the world, Jewish adults are fearful in broad daylight to stroll in vast areas of the Jewish state, with Arab areas being genuine danger zones for Jews at any hour. In fact, Jewish firefighters have been attacked countless times by Arab residents in Arab towns as they were in the midst of saving Arab families from flames. And while Jewish citizens are privileged to live with security guards at bus stops, malls, restaurants, and public venues throughout the country, the Arab citizen does not know of any of these precautions in his towns, for he does not need them.

These are just some of the discriminatory policies of the state of Israel. Many more injustices are overlooked on an unofficial level, lest the Arab community become “aggravated.”

So tell your friends who have been raving about Israeli apartheid that they are right. Israel is guilty of inexcusable discrimination. But let us understand just who the victims are.



  1. I think the article was meant to mock those "useful idiots" who call Israel (the only real democracy in the Middle East) an apartheid state while turning a blind eye to all the "democracies" surrounding it (mostly places where leaders are "democratically" elected ad vitam)..

  2. Is there another country in which the Parliament allows some of its members (those who represents a minority) to be openly hostile to that country?????? Arab senators are against Israel and the “Two States solution” for the israel/palestinian conflict. That’s democracy beyond believable.

  3. Excellent article. The Arabs in Israel have nothing to complain about, they live better than any other Arabs in the world, and the palestinians also have great lives. I suggest we give them all a free trip to Syria for a few months, so they will know how good they have it here.
    How I wish Jews were able to go everywhere without fear as Arabs do.
    How I wish that Jews could build without permits and do whatever we want on land, including saying no to certain people staying there.
    How I wish that Jews didn't have to give up years of life for army or other service, while the Arabs don't and yet still cry about how hard their lives are.
    How I wish the Arabs would stop being the biggest cry baby, losers in the world. Being lazy and not creating anything useful is their world, then complaining they don't live in castles.
    How I wish Bibi and the rest of the gov't would tell the world this reality, not the palestinian lies which have become the world's idea of truth.
    Thank you for writing this very important piece.

  4. Since many people don't read anymore, this needs to be a video (and a powerful one it would be). I don't know how to start grassroots fund raisers (kickstarter, etc.) to generate the money needed to produce this, but if someone does, I'll be among those who participate. Post a link in these comments and I'll be back to do my share.

  5. if the Arabs come together, and go in the gaza strip, you will have to commit suicide, so, you needed someone, that unites Israel with Muslims, not divide, nor turn Israel into a prison of evil, because that are the nations, but, god told Abraham, this land that runs from Lebanon to the Euphrates river, I give to your descendants, you are killing between brothers, in my country are killed out of jealousy, this is worse, a femicide country is this.

  6. Apartheid, would be a nice way of putting it. How about Jews are left for slaughter daily while the government is doing nothing to change it, on the other hand when a Jew is suspected of attacking an arab all of a sudden all hell breaks lose by the same government whom before was seemingly helpless when it came to defending Jews.

  7. Would love for just one liberal to try and refute these points. I'll make it simple. If you are a liberal, please explain why a Jew is forbidden by law to pray on his holy site (the Temple Mount) and yet Arab children are free to play soccer there? Answer that without resorting to emotional jargon and ridiculous and illogical comparisons to Germany.

  8. American whites are fearful to go into minority neighborhoods ,however, they know that minorities won't cause mayhem in
    white neighborhoods . Israel has to be like America welfare ,
    education etc is a local issue dependent on the ability to raise taxes . Veteran get access to sscholarships ,subsidized education , free medical care. If Arabs are disloyal and won't obey the rules let them suffer the consequences .

  9. Not a theory, but facts. JEWS are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount by law, whereas Muslims may do as they please. That is a fact, not a theory. I am unaware of anything similar to such a policy in the United States whereby a citizen may be told he may not pray somewhere due to his faith.

  10. Because the Temple Mount is not legally under Israeli jurisdiction. You can blame Israel for giving the authority freely over to the PA, but its essentially crossing over into another country where being Jewish is illegal. Israel theoretically believes in freedom of religion, Palestinians maybe do not, but legally its theirs to discriminate as they wish, and since they are not considered a full state entity, they are not obligated to uphold freedom of religion. In the end, you can blame Israel for giving it away. Is it fair? No. But we don't need to get down to their level.

  11. I agree with the other comments, very good summary.
    But then the obvious question arises: why does that majority tolerate this injustice?
    Why are we continually tiptoeing around others, constantly trying to appease those who force us to accept the status quo.
    And the truth is this situation is very bad for the general Palesinian public too, and even the so called "two state solution" does not favor them either. Thus it is a bad state all around.

    When do we Jews realize that the exile is over and we have to and actually can take our fate into our own hands?
    The only thing that is missing is a belief, full confidence in ourselves, in our own abilities solving problems without "big brothers", without the so called "peace brokers".
    And such belief, confidence can only be acquired based on our traditional national unity and absolute mutual responsibility towards one another.
    That foundation is all we are lacking.

  12. Here we have a distorted form of democracy in which the arab minority enjoys privileges without any sort of responsibility…Besides the majority of said minority harbors a profound aversion and hate toward Israel and the Jewish people
    When you see arabs parliamentarians praising Palestinians terrorists and defending a criminal organizations as Hezbollah, then we have to realize that Israel’s arab minority represents a serious threat to the survival and well being of the state
    The most recent Palestinian intifada ,comprising murderous stabbing attacks against innocent civilians is creating a powerful rift between Israel’s Jewish and arab communities which sooner or later will degenerate into an open civil war in which the Palestinians shall bear the brunt of the dire consequences.

  13. If a Jew buys property that was formally owed by Jews – it becomes a worldwide incident how the Jews are trying to infiltrate Arab neighborhoods – yet the Arabs go into Jewish neighborhoods cause problems – bring down prices and have been taking over whole areas – French Hill is just one example.

  14. in any court on matters of property or land grabbing the court will side with Arabs
    the case of an Arab RENTING an apartment in Haifa was awarded full legal right to the property
    a jew who boght land from Arabs will be stoped by the law for months or years or forever
    Israel IS a discriminating against Jews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Fred Schlomka Even ignoring the reason for the name "Temple Mount" (which comes from the fact that both JEWISH Temples once stood there), no Jew who goes up and gets arrested on the mount is anywhere near the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is on the southern end of the mount. Jews are arrested for praying ANYWHERE on the mount. About 36 acres of open areas on the mount are irrelevant to the mosque. Besides, regarding your statement – it is simply untrue. Muslims and Christians come to the HOLIEST Jewish prayer site outside of the Temple Mount, known as the Western Wall, and offer prayers there daily and no one bothers them. You are full of it and do a pathetic job at justifying injustices.

  16. Fred Schlomka, really dishonest comment from you. You know very well that Christians and Muslims have nothing to fear from us. In contrast, Jews are hounded and intimidated on the Temple Mount.
    It seems that you're keen to slam Jews.
    By the way, I have seen Muslims and Christians on more than one occasion who were welcome guests at prayer services in synagogues in Jerusalem.

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