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Why does Yitzchak’s blessing seem to start mid-sentence? “ויתן לך”

Ktav V’kabala tells us that ויברכהו in the previous pasuk refers to the spiritual blessings, much more essential for Jacob’s life mission, than the physical ones that Yitzchak delineates.


The phrase, ראה ריח בני כריח השדה אשר ברכו ה’ connotes this as it is a charge to Yaakov to choose the good path, represented by the fragrance of Gan Eden.

We know that the etrog represents the ideal of Torah observance and good deeds, and, alas, the Etrog was the tree of knowledge in Gan Eden, according to many.

“Vayiten”, then, can be understood as a continuation of blessing, adding material to unworldly success.

Shabbat Shalom


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