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We are in the middle of reading the Four Parshiyos; Parshas Shklaim, Zachor, Parah, and Chodesh. And in a short while we will read the Megilla on Purim. The Gemara in Megilla 6b says that the reason why we read the Megilla in Adar is because we want to be masmech geula legeula – connect one redemption to the next.

Rashi there explains that this refers to the ge’ulos of Purim and Pesach. Rav Nosson Wachtfogel (Noam Hamussar) explains that the four Parshiyos reveal the order of the future redemption. The Gemara in Rosh Hashanah 11a says that just as the geula of Metzrayim occurred in Nissan, so will the final geula occur in Nissan.


Parshas Shekalim which discusses counting Klal Yisrael represents the idea of kibutz galuyos – gathering in of our people. Rav Nosson explains that this is a prerequisite for the geula. First, we must become a nation; a united Klal Yisrael. This will occur while we are still in galus. We can all see how since World War II Hashem has built up great communities and yeshivos and how He is gathering Klal Yisrael together. We must continue to become the Klal Yisrael that Hashem wants through teshuvah and achdus.

Parshas Zachor follows, as Amalek will resurface before the geula, reminding us that we must rid ourselves of wrongdoing and teshuvah. The sefer Charedim (perek 59) says that the reason that the parshah of Amalek was juxtaposed next to the parshah of Ki Savo el ha’aretz is to teach us that whenever Bnei Yisrael are going to enter Eretz Yisrael, Amalek will interfere. This occurred before the first time that Klal Yisrael entered Eretz Yisrael and will occur again before the final time that will Klal Yisael enter Eretz Yisrael. Amalek does not want Bnei Yisrael to be in Eretz Yisrael because that is how Hashem will become known, and Amalek’s modus operandi is to deny Hashem’s existence.

Parshas Parah represents the taharah that we will undergo even after teshuvah. And Parshas Hachodesh signifies the new lev that we will acquire. The four Parshiyos serve as the necessary preparations that we must make before the geula. Therefore, during these weeks, we must work on the teshuvah and taharah with a lev chadash to prepare for the geula.

The aforementioned Gemara explains that we should read the Megilla in the second Adar in order to be masmech geula legeula. This is necessary because this will teach us how to be zocheh to our geula. Since Nissan is the zman that is mesugal for the geula we must prepare for it in Adar. We learn from the way in which the geula of Purim was brought about how to prepare ourselves to bring about the geula that we await in our time.

The truth is the Purim story actually has more to do with the final geula. The Gemara in Sanhedrin 97b says that the geula will only come about when we do teshuvah. The Gemara asks and what if they do not do teshuvah? The Gemara says if we do not do the necessary teshuvah before the time for the geula Hashem will appoint a king who will make decrees that are as harsh as Haman’s, which will cause Klal Yisrael to do teshuvah, which will bring the geula. We see from this Gemara that if we have not done teshuvah by the time the geula should come we will have to relive the gezeira of Haman.

The Gemara in Megilla 14a says that the transfer of Achashverosh’s ring was greater than all of the Nevi’yim. The Gemara explains that the purpose of a Navi is to bring Klal Yisrael to teshuvah. The transfer of Achashverosh’s ring to Haman brought about more teshuvah than the Nevi’yim did. This is true of all harsh decrees; they can bring us to a level of teshuvah that would otherwise not be achieved. The Gemara in Yevamos 63a says that calamities are visited on this world as a result of the Jews. Rashi there explains that this is in order to bring us to fear Hashem, which will lead to teshuvah. Haman’s decrees brought Klal Yisrael to fear, which ultimately led to teshuvah.

Thanks to the Obama administration (Hashem’s puppets, but the ones responsible nonetheless) Iran will shortly reach nuclear capacity R”l. The Iranian regime echoes the same rhetoric that Hitler yemach shemo expressed. Why are we not petrified of this? Perhaps this is the fulfillment of the aforementioned Gemara. Can the Iranians be the Hamans of our time, standing in the same country as Haman did some 2500 years ago?

Interestingly, in Haman’s case he had to pay Achashverosh to allow him to annihilate Klal Yisrael. With the Haman of today, many counties are paying them to do the job, with President Obama at the realm.

In the past few days there has been an altercation between Iran via Syria and Israel and we hope it does not escalate. Much to his credit President Trump stood with Israel in their retaliation response, something I think has never happened in history.

Regardless Iran’s dangerous capabilities should instill fear in our hearts. How can we sin when there is such danger looming? We should learn from the four Parshiyos and the Purim story and once again see the downfall of Amalek in Iran with the coming of the final geula, amen.


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