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Interview with Law Professor Thane Rosenbaum, the brilliant columnist/essayist and analyst, and is also the CBS News Radio Legal analyst.

Last week, The Supreme Court heard the Mississippi case of Dobbs V. Jackson where the state is looking to restrict abortions after 15 weeks. Will their decision overturn Roe v Wade?


Were the Justices questions about advocacy or the law? Is adoption a viable and reasonable alternative to abortion?

Two weeks ago, Kyle Rittenhouse was found NOT guilty in a court of law, but was found EXTREMELY GUILTY by the media and left-wing mobs, who, while decrying so-called “vigilante justice,” were demanding “social justice” which doesn’t require a trial. Their only criteria is race and if a firearm was used.

Are Soros-Funded DA’s responsible for the new crime wave across big cities?

Our conversation discussed whether our justice system is still based on what our Founding Father’s had hoped for or do we have a new system which takes into account factors NOT related to the evidence, such as “racial equity.”

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