Photo Credit: Gonen Bassi

Natalie begins the show by expressing her excitement about the upcoming holiday Lag B’omer, and describes the activities of the children leading up to the fires. First guest, Ariella Tsirlin (Philadelphia-Ariel 2008); who met her future husband, also an oleh, while on a trip in Israel, and managed to maintain a long-distance relationship until making aliyah and marrying him; next Natalie visits with Aleeza Bracha new oleh from Phila – Pardes Chana who shares her recent frustration with Israel’s lack of American-style customer service; last segment, Natalie meets with Zezy Fuld who talks about Israel’s Football league where he is the quarterback for the Jerusalem Lions, their season, sports in Israel, and how living in Israel does not mean you have to leave everything you love behind.

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