Photo Credit: Pixabay

Natalie starts off describing Rosh haShana in her yishuv; first guest is Tzvi Wohlgelernter who made aliyah from Toronto in 2010 and lives in Givat Shmuel with his wife and 4 children. Tzvi tells us all about this growing bedroom community where he is the rabbi of the student olim many from N. America. Next up is Devora Peretz newly arrived from outside of Philadelphia, living in Kochav Ya’akov. Devora found her apartment on Yad2 and had a friend send her pictures and video. That’s how it’s done now! Third guest is Aleeza Bracha from Pardes Chana who describes her first Rosh haShana in Israel and how in services, a stranger included her in a new unfamiliar song. In Israel, we are all family.


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