Photo Credit: Hamishmar Hakhevrati
Knesset Committee meeting.

Haredi Judaism is surprised to discover each time anew that the prime minister, the supreme court and the secular establishment are subservient to the Reform millionaires. We are shocked every time the heads of secular government provoke the Haredi public, going beyond just desecrating the sanctity of the Land of Israel and converting the Jewish people into a nation like all the other nations. Everyone has been asking, “How can Bibi celebrate with the Reform their victory over the Haredim?”

The answer can be found in the pictures of the prime minister’s meeting with the Reform clergy, who are investing millions in bribing Israeli public opinion shapers, something the Christian missionaries and certainly the Muslim preachers would dare to do. After all, the latter believe in the Creator of the Universe, while the Reform are complete heretics.


For dozens of years there have been in existence dozens of anti-Jewish organizations representing assimilated Israel haters who have been using splendid ideas such as “Democracy and Tolerance,” “Pluralism and Human Rights,” to one common end: a war to uproot the Jewish faith, using budgets, laws and all other governmental tools available in the Hebrew ghetto in the Land of Israel. Today they are reaping what they sowed.

One of the institutions funded by Reform money is the Israeli Democracy Institute (IDI) which has become part of the parliamentary mechanism despite the fact that it has no legal status. There aren’t enough Reform constituents in Israel to support even one Knesset seat — yet dozens of associations and groups who supposedly care for “civil rights and pluralism” are invited to virtually every Knesset committee meeting. Indeed, the term “pluralism” is a fig leaf hiding a racist and anti-Semitic war to the death against Jewish children who may face economic discrimination.

An examination of available sources reveals that these organizations who are invited to so many Knesset committee meetings are supported by the Reform in the US. There exists a coalition of anti-Jewish funds that pay representatives in Israel to go to the Knesset and influence anti-religious legislation.

This coalition includes associations which fight Israel around the world and collaborate with the various BDS groups who boycott Israel. Most of them support the leftist American organizations who slander Israel. Some focus on the war against the Haredim. Their common denominator is that the majority of Israel’s political leadership receive from them political bribes under the guise of contributions to their primaries, tours of diaspora communities, and paid lectures. These political leaders see no problem in receiving support from the worst enemies of God and the Torah of Israel, from the world’s most committed assimilated Jews — whose declared goal is to blend the people of Israel among the nations and infiltrate the orchard of Israel with the fruits of non-Jews.

Their stated goals actually call for fictitious conversions, or as they put it, “to successfully integrate and assimilate the children of interfaith marriages into the Jewish community.” They fight to uproot any spark of Jewish faith, through a well organized media incitement campaign, which has a greater influence than anything the Palestinians have ever managed.

Their need to control the Knesset committees also requires using lobbyists in government and in the judiciary, to make up for their diminishing number in Israeli society. These funds are behind the incitement campaigns against Judaism and halakha in the already biased media. But above everything else, they must break down Haredi Judaism, which has been standing as a fortified wall against assimilating the Jewish people and handing over the Land of Israel to the haters of God and the Torah of Israel. Incidentally, most of them also fight against rightwing Religious Zionism, which is fighting against handing the land over to the Arabs.


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Yisrael Eichler is a journalist, publisher, and politician. A member of Agudat Yisrael, he has served in the Knesset for the party and the United Torah Judaism alliance from 2003 until 2005, and again since 2011.