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CNN headline on Monday's terrorist attack on Be'er Sheva's bus station.

CNN strikes again.

It began its coverage of Sundays night’s terrorist attack on Be’er Sheva’s c central bus station with a headline stating, “Migrant Lynched at Bus Station.”


The headline later was changed to “Israel soldier, bystander dead after bus station attack by Bedouin,” but the main content of the article was the killing of the African worker whom a guard thought was one of the terrorists.

CNN correctly pointed out that bystanders kicked the wounded migrant, who was repeatedly shot by the guard, but made no mention of the attack itself except to state that the Bedouin “went on a shooting spree…killing an Israeli soldier.”

It returned to report the outrage at the beating and accidental murder of the migrant.

No mention was made of the wave of terror, the fact that the terrorists wounded several together people, including policemen and civilians.



  1. What happened, happened during a panic. It is a shame that a migrant got killed. It is more than shameful that his body was desecrated. But, you must bear in mind that mob violence is contagious. The person who shot him said that when everybody ducked, or ran for cover, this man ran towards him. This is what happened, and can't, and should not be, covered up. It was wrong, and all Jews know it. It would be the news media that keeps the storm roiling though.

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