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Ambassador Oren on Fox News.

US. Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro phoned Prime Minister Netanyahu and asked him to issue a statement disavowing former Israeli Ambassador to Israel Michael Oren’s statements about President Obama.

In MK Michael Oren’s new book, he accuses Obama of abandoning the two main principle of US-Israel relations: no public disagreements (“no daylight”) and no suprises in major policy changes. He also primarily lays the blame on Obama for the bad relationship with Israel.


He says that while Netanyahu made mistakes, Obama purposely damaged US-Israel relations.

The US State Department says Oren’s statements are, “absolutely inaccurate and false.”

According to reports, Netanyahu said he would not publicly comment on anything Oren wrote.

Shapiro made a similar request from Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who heads the Kulanu party of which MK Michael Oren is a member.

Kahlon said that Oren’s remarks were his personal memoirs and the book was not written while he was a member of Kulanu.


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