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Ambassador Oren on Fox News.

US. Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro phoned Prime Minister Netanyahu and asked him to issue a statement disavowing former Israeli Ambassador to Israel Michael Oren’s statements about President Obama.

In MK Michael Oren’s new book, he accuses Obama of abandoning the two main principle of US-Israel relations: no public disagreements (“no daylight”) and no suprises in major policy changes. He also primarily lays the blame on Obama for the bad relationship with Israel.


He says that while Netanyahu made mistakes, Obama purposely damaged US-Israel relations.

The US State Department says Oren’s statements are, “absolutely inaccurate and false.”

According to reports, Netanyahu said he would not publicly comment on anything Oren wrote.

Shapiro made a similar request from Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who heads the Kulanu party of which MK Michael Oren is a member.

Kahlon said that Oren’s remarks were his personal memoirs and the book was not written while he was a member of Kulanu.



  1. Disavowing former Israeli Ambassador to Israel Michael Oren’s statements about President Obama would equal disavowing the facts and the truth.

    In the light of Obama´s biased attitude towards Israel and PM Netanyahu this demand is the height of impertinence and a cynical attempt to wash his hands of all faults while pursuing his shameful deeds… How despicable!.

  2. Well done Oren ! A further fuller definitive writing of the Obama years book is still being written Therein will appear great disturbing facts about Obama and his failed presidency
    At that time he will have no sidekicks to plead his innocence and extract rebuttals

  3. Lets face it,Oren is 100% right about Obama!The State dept. and the fraud Obama have been dodging the truth since this idiot Obama took office,covering up his hate for America and Israel.I hope the book sells like hot cakes!

  4. This is a perfect example to why we must keep the US out of all our Domestic & Foreign affairs. Obama is a failure, there are no benefits for us in meeting his demands. He is destructive, not fit for the job & cannot resolve tensions in his own nation. Asking us to relabel products, to made in the “West Bank”, boycotting our goods, threatening us with isolation, condemning us at the UN & ICC, kicking us out of sporting events, not recognizing our capital, not including us in international conferences, talks & forums, is all what the PLO & Hamas want. There is no need for them to talk “Peace”, because these actions they believe will destroy Israel economically, & give them the Palestine that they want. This is not difficult to understand. The International Community is aware of this. Since the beginning of time to them, Israel is just a bad idea. At all costs we must keep world leaders out of all our Domestic & Foreign affairs. This cannot go on forever. We can put all these issues to rest, on our own & without anybody's help!

  5. The Muslim in the Oval Office fooled most of the Liberal Jews that voted for him, including AIPAC, and they still defending him instead of challenging him about previous statements he made just to get their vote, now he is after their money for the Dem's party I like to laugh in their faces and ask them : "How do you feel now When everything about this anti-Semite is out".

  6. Didn't PM Netanyahu highly praise Obama when he spoke to Congress, even sayng that Obam had done things that very few knew about, and that he was deeply grateful for that.

    n response to people who are critical of Obama’ positions on Israel and Jews, please note:

    The Obama administration has consistently backed Israel at the UN and helped prevent a declaration of a Palestinian State by the UN, an effort that led Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to declare that Obama deserved a “badge of honor;” Israeli strategic experts agree that strategic cooperation between the US and Israel has never been better; the US has supplied funding for the “Iron Dome” missile defense system that has saved many Israeli lives; Obama has supported Israel with regard to the Goldstone report and the Gaza flotilla events; Obama helped save six Israelis who were trapped in the Israeli embassy in Cairo, in response to a frantic, middle-of-the night call from Netanyahu. And, as Netanyahu mentioned in his talk to Congress, Obama has done many other things for Israel that the public is not aware of.

    Obama has also been very friendly to Jews in the US. His former Chief of Staff Jack Lew is an Orthodox Jew who is now Treasury Secretary and his first Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a Jew; he appointed a Jew, Elana Kagan, to the Supreme Court and a Jew, Janet Yellen, to head the Federal Reserve; many of his key advisors are Jewish; He is the first president to have Passover Seders in the White House.

  7. Ofra Bendavid How do youexplain this "anti-Semite" appointing Jews to so many key positions, including Jack Lew, an Orthodox Jew to be his chief of staff and also his treasury secretary? Can you name any Muslims he has appointed to high positions?

  8. True he has done some good. On the other hand in terms of Israels security needs vis a vis Iran and her nukes, he has three times now thrown her under the bus and lied. That is not forgiveable because the threat is so extreme to ISrael.

  9. Richard Schwartz You disagree with your own people, buddy.

    Can you explain why Obama, after vowing every Iranian installation would be dismantled so they wouldn't build bombs is ALLOWING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM TO REMAIN INTACT?

    Facts are facts, Dickie…

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