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State Dept. Spokesman John Kirby at June 17, 2015 daily press briefing.

Not surprisingly, an op-ed written by former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren (currently a member of Knesset in the Kulanu Party) in which Oren was highly critical of President Obama’s treatment of Israel, was the topic of acerbic questioning during Wednesday’s State Department Daily Press Briefing.

The op-ed appeared in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, and Oren wrote that President Barack Obama “deliberately” abandoned a 40-year core policy regarding Jewish population centers in Judea and Samaria.


Oren wrote that President Obama is a “friend” of Israel but nevertheless maintained that while anyone can make a mistake, President Obama did so on purpose.

Despite the description of the exchange between ranking press corps member Matt Lee of the Associated Press and State Department Spokesman John Kirby which appeared in the extreme leftist Haaretz, Kirby did not simply reject Oren’s critical op-ed as the work of “a politician trying to sell a book.”

What Kirby did say was that neither he nor the Secretary of State had yet read Oren’s book, but that the op-ed “conveys his perspective as an advocate for his government, and now as a politician who’s promoting a book.”

However, Kirby rejected Oren’s allocation of blame, stating categorically that “the account of President Obama’s leadership in the U.S.-Israeli relationship, is absolutely inaccurate and false, and doesn’t reflect what actually happened in the past.”

Kirby also specifically stated that Secretary Kerry “knows” that Oren “had limited visibility into many of the private discussions and deliberations that he describes.”

Nonetheless, the usual boilerplate “unbreakable ties” between the U.S. and Israel, and Israel’s security being “sacrosanct” was repeated by Kirby, who also quoted Secretary Kerry, with whom he said he spoke that morning, as saying, “it’s more important that we move forward in a constructive way than dwell on these accusations, false as they may be.”



  1. It is certain pathologies of reasoning that are making Jewish self-defense difficult-to-impossible. Unless these pathologies are corrected quickly, the Jewish people will once again cooperate in their own destruction. This will be a tragedy — yet another — for Judaism, of course, but also for the rest of the world, which will be infinitely worse off without the Jewish people.
    The Israeli left and the World leftist propaganda. While we cannot emphasize strongly enough our solidarity with the victims of today’s terror attack in Tel-Aviv, we similarly cannot emphasize enough the restraint we believe the Israeli government will have to show in responding to this event.”

    This is the type of restraint that caused the death of over 6 million Jews in German death camps in WW2.

    NEVER AGAIN! means NEVER AGAIN, will the Jewish people stand idle while Anti-Semitism and terror attacks against the Jewish people in Israel and in the World at large.

    Israel which carries the torch of the Jewish people must respond to any attacks whatsoever with utmost extreme prejudice. There is no such thing as limited response when someone comes to exterminate you family and you, you fight with everything you got.
    Enough is Enough – Stand up and fight, no holds barred, stop appeasing world opinion or be destroyed.
    YJ Draiman

  2. Yes I am sure you are very knowledgeable about Mr. Oren and your own success and importance to America certainly overshadow what Mr. Oren has done. Mr. Obama often disavows statements by America's 2 leading states persons Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Ried. But they don't just piss on campfires they piss on the entire US population

  3. Perhaps for some edification do a internet search on Mr. Kirby. Originally chosen because of his general negative opinion of Israel for several years and in several government positions. Of course you can always criticize something you have not read because facts make your comments like this look foolish and no Obama administration rep would do that, oh wait, Mr. Kerry just said Iran's nuclear history is not important enough to care about. Check that with his earlier statements and the IAEA desires for information.

  4. Robert A. Robbins what in the name of Lindsey Graham's garter belts does Obama have to do with communication between Oren and his party leader.

    Are you so damn obsessed with the current pres that anything in the world is equated to or blamed on him. Or are you just off your meds today

  5. Ch Hoffman He chose Mr. Kirby. He created the current Middle East Policy, Syria, Libya but I have more respect for our president than you most likely do. Besides Mr. Hoffman I am sure that everything you read on the negative side regarding Israel, Netanyahu and Oren you assume is correct but anything negative about our current government can't be true.
    Snide remarks on the personal level really adds NOTHING to any conversation but I am sure without knowing what meds YOU are on make you feel much better about yourself. Your remark about Mr. Graham is a telling and immature way of adding levity to less than factual remarks you have made.
    Always happy to respond to fact based and objective remarks but your remarks are tiresome and down right silly. Best left for your Radio Comedy Show

  6. It is due to Obama that the Middle East is in the mess it is in now
    At every turn he has shown his weakness ; whether in Egypt where he backed the Brotherhood ( and apparently still does !) ; Iran ,where he could have prevented the Mullahs ; Syria – where he caved in and had to be rescued by Putin ( or maybe by Israel – if Oren's book is accepted ); Isis is playing the fool with him The list goes on and on
    Benghazi will not go away either
    He treats his allies like enemies
    This is a failed presidency whichever way you look at it

  7. Perhaps in your reality ( with or without your meds ) they are unrelated but myopia ( head in the sand ) for the rest of the world they are very related.
    The fact that a personal attack on your part is justified by you mean you certainly don't lack any experience in cooking up spleen soup.
    I would reserve your personal comments for those you know personally and stick to the facts when you go on comment boards.
    Best of luck to you and thank you for your comments, oh and by the way since you do visit the Jewish Press you might look at the other article regarding Mr. Oren's book.

  8. Thank you Mr J. Kirby,you allayed any doubt I might have had about Ambassador Oren criticism of Obama , declaring them to be 'totally inaccurate and false' .You must remember from whence you emanate 'The US State Department' .Whose best efforts have always been poor copy of Dr Gobbles diatribes.

  9. This State Department, headed by the son of self-haters who for years pulled a Rachel Dolezal of his own, claiming he was an Irish Catholic Choir Boy when in reality his paternal family were Bohemian Jews (just like Maddy NotTooBright), is chock full of anti-Semites like Harf and self-hating dreck like Blinken, Lowenstein, Nides, Steinberg, Sherman – and of course Shapiro.

    They don't even represent the United States of America anymore.

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