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The million people’s rally in support of the judicial reform in Jerusalem, April 27, 2023.

An IDF major has been reprimanded and removed from his post for attending a civilian rally on Thursday against insubordination in the IDF, and in particular against those calling for reservists to not show up for their IDF service. It was originally believed that he had participated in Thursday night’s “March of the Million” right-wing rally in support of the government’s planned judicial reform.


Many IDF war veterans participated in the rally, along with reservists and at least one government minister.

In addition to plans to transfer the officer to a non-command position, the IDF handed down a 25-day suspended jail sentence.

The officer was punished because he showed up to a rally in his uniform, violating IDF regulations. The IDF allows soldiers up to the rank of lieutenant colonel to attend such rallies and other political demonstrations – but only if they are in civilian clothing and not visibly identifiable as IDF service members.

It’s important to point out that none of the IDF reserve pilots who led or participated in the reservists insubordination campaign have been punished.

This article has been updated and corrected after new information came to light as to the nature of the rally.

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