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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s call to the citizens of Israel to suggest a candidate for the 2 reserved seats on the Likud list, the names are pouring in.

Whoever gets picked is almost guaranteed a seat in the next Knesset.


Here are just a few of the names submitted so far:

Professor Aumann
Stanley Fisher
Natan Sharansky
Shlomo Maoz
Guy Bechor
Ben Dror Yemini
Mordechai Kedar
Avri Giladi
Tal Brody
Roni Daniel
Tzvi Yechezkeli
Didi Harari
Yoram Gaon
Caroline Glick
Ruth Gavison
Orna Barbibai
Haim Amsalem
Nitzana Darshan Leitner
Rav Fierer
Miriam Peretz

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