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Hamas on the Temple Mount - Jul 3, 2015

Foreign news sources are reporting that Jordan has decided to not continue with their project to place cameras on the Temple Mount.

The idea was launched after numerous Arab riots and acts of terrorism on the Temple Mount, following Islamic leaders’ incitement claims that Israel was “changing the status quo”. The so-called “status quo” forbids Jews from praying on their holiest site due to fear of Islamic violence.


Jordan said they were installing the cameras to watch the Jews.

Local Muslims were strongly opposed to the project, fearing the video feeds would actually be used to identify their terrorists and rioters on the Temple Mount.

Jordan said the goals of the cameras was through other means.


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  1. From 1948-67, Jordan illegally occupied the Temple Mount and surrounding areas. They joined other Arabs in 67, to eradicate Israel. They lost and we reacquired our land. Only then, did the world awaken and said the "occupation", was illegal. According to International law, when you acquire land in a defensive war, you keep the land. It is a disgrace, why Jordan should decide whether or not a camera should exist on the Temple Mount.

  2. Keep yapping and hating. meanwhile Israel just put into use (according to Israeli naval video )new cameras that see and Identify in super detail 5 time longer distance that it was possible 3 months ago ! so who needs cameras right there where it can be stolen or harmed ? we can keep them safe in a distance! sure, people who kvetch and wait for G-d to serve them,complain and judge! meanwhile those whose brain are not wasted hating but instead find solutions win the day ! stop kvetching .start thinking smart ! if you believe in G-d dont tell him what to do!

  3. Put up a drone every 30 min or as long as their batteries hold out — WITH CAMERA — spy on them 24 hrs a day. They don't have air rights above the Temple Mount. If Israel doesn't – they will ! …. and then if we shoot one down …. it's War. This is what they want…. then off to the UN for a vote to sensure Israel again for defending themselves. Don't you see it coming ?

  4. " According to International law, when you acquire land in a defensive war, you keep the land…" I think that should be international law, but I do not believe it is. Can you find the actual law? As I read Resolution 242, it does not say that, although it should.

  5. No surprise and no mystery. Arabs knew that cameras would see the their own intolerable behavior on the Temple Mount. Jordanian vow to catch Jewish misbehavior may have been sincere but Palis knew what cameras would actually see, their own violent and repugnant treatment of visitors to the Temple Mount.

  6. Ronald Hargreave UN Resolution 242, required Israel to return Arab land. When Israel returned Sinai, that fulfilled its obligation. Nothing was mentioned of Judea and Samaria. UN Resolution 242, was created by Lord Caradon, Walter Rostow and Arthur Goldberg.

  7. Why report such silliness? to incite ? Jordan has say this to appear "good " for the violent Arab so they can keep Jordan out of Isis ! CameraS ? both have super sophisticated cameras that can see in details every movement at temple mount both from the Knesset and the King Abdallah,s palace!…p.s. (the patent to the camera sent to mars is held by Israel…)

  8. G-d bless Israel. Of course Israel's cameras are better. Hate hurts the hater. See the example of King Saul after David being annointed King. Saul chased David to kill him, but David spared Saul's life in a cave in the wilderness of Enge'di. It casued Saul to answer, "David, you are more righteous than I". David's love prevailed.

  9. Israel has used drones in the last 30 years! infact Israel reinveted the drone business 30 years ago and improved it constantly! the Israeli reinvention of the drone and its succsess open the eyes of the USA millitary to look into the use of drones and use it too.. But of course if Mr. Levinson want to appear a "Mavin" and tell the Israeli millitary what to do ? -good luck…

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