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The two Sarona terrorists

This story should be tagged under Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture: a policeman who lives near the area where the shooting attack took place Wednesday night let one of the terrorists into his home and gave him water, unaware of his identity.

The encounter took place while the terror event was still in full swing, as both cousin terrorists from the Yatta Village near Hebron in Judea were trying to flee the scene. One of them, who had already dumped his empty Carl Gustav submachine gun and was unarmed, ran with a group of fleeing civilians who had no clue about his identity—to remind you, both killers were dressed up in evening suits. As he was running, the terrorist reached an apartment building with a group of residents hanging out near the entrance and asked them for some water. The policeman, who lives in the building, took him upstairs, sat him down, gave him a glass of water and went outside to join the manhunt — leaving the terrorist with his wife and other family members.


The policeman ran outside and joined the chase, when shortly thereafter he came upon the other terrorist, who had been neutralized and lying on the ground. Only then, when he saw the killer dressed in the same impeccable suit as the swarthy man he had left at home, did it dawn on him that his family was now playing host to a deadly terrorist.

According to the policeman’s testimony, he ran home very fast, taking along a few fellow policemen. Opening his apartment door, he realized to his relief that all was still well — the terrorist was unarmed and probably did not want to risk an attack on the family, so he remained seated quietly next to his glass of water. The policeman quickly overtook him and sent out word to the rest of the force.

At that point, one of the cops who had come into the apartment with his gun drawn behind the first policeman returned the weapon to its holster and let out a bullet which ricocheted and lightly injured the hero of our story.

The other terrorist was shot and neutralized near the Tel Aviv Cinematheque by a security guard employed by the Sarona mall. A consummate professional, the guard heard the shots, identified the suspect and hit him while the latter was running. With his cool response the security guard prevented a second bloodbath.

“I reached the source of the shooting with my weapon drawn and cocked and began scanning,” the security guard described the event to Channel 2 News. “I identified the terrorist as he was starting to flee and I hunted him… He didn’t stand a chance, I hunted him the way you hunt a rabbit… It’s what I’m paid for.”


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  1. Roc, sometime we type before engaging our brains… I think that is the case in your statement. This policeman, like so many, was concerned with people fleeing the shooting. He had no idea who this was. It wasn't stupidity, it was a kind man who made a mistake. Thank G-d it turned out OK. Interesting that policemen are stupid until you need one!

  2. The Zohar says that the Ishmaelites will be destroyed in the end of days so they are just filling up their cup of sin just to be destroyed. That goes for all the enemies of Israel. Just read the prophets, Ezekiel…

  3. THe policeman saw an unarmed man in need of water which may have lead him to believe he was helping to avoid a medical problem for the guy. He did the compassionate humanatarian thing. There was no way he could have known the quiet man was a terrorist especially dressed in his suit.
    Your judgement is absurd! Be grateful you have people to serve and protect you! Never forget, they are also people! Have you ever served & protected?? This man showed quickness, compassion and got it resolved asap as soon as he knew! I pity your poor guinea pig! He must be allot smarter than you! Dumbest of the Dumb!

  4. JJ Mcgann
    As a cop, do you think it was a smart of him to let someone he never met before into his house and then leave then leave his wife and defenceless children alone with him? Even if the man appeared to be a frum Jew, he was a fool to leave them alone with an uninvited guest that he never met before. But do you see Hashem's hand in it all? Not only did Hashem save him from tradgedy but he also got to arrest the perpetrator. Amen

  5. Marsha roth
    I not grateful at all for a single Israeli cop that's on the force today. Most of what they do is write tickets. Very rarely is there a cop around to help in a desperate situation to actually help someone. It's always an armed citizen to save the day. The cops have no balls whatsoever, they're only purpose in life is to give tickets and crap on everyone.

  6. Jack Michael Utterback
    Exactly my point fool. He ran out the door to be the hero and left his household completely exposed. How did he know that his uninvited guest was unarmed? It's his lot that at that moment the terrorist was not armed. Clarity starts in the home. That's always where the priority needs to be and it was just plain stupid to leave this family alone with a person he never met before, period. If he was a smart cop, he would have hung around a few more minutes while his guest drank his water and then the candle in his pea sized brain lit up, he might have put two+two together and I would say "impressive". At the moment he's lookin not too swift, kinda like my fatguinea pig.

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