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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Oct. 28, 2015.

And, of course, there was the inevitable call for the Two State Holy Grail.

“A two state solution with strong security protection remains the only viable alternative. And for anybody who thinks otherwise, you can measure what unitary looks like by just looking at what’s been going on in the last weeks.”


Sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? You’ll just be getting more terrorism unless you hand over territory – not just any territory – but parts of Jersualem, including the Old City – to the Arabs. That’s what you’ll get and that’s what you’ll deserve.

Kerry also called on both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leader of the PA Mahmoud Abbas to display “firm and creative leadership.” He specifically called on the Palestinian Arab leaders to “cease the incitement of violence and to offer something more than rhetoric.”

Abbas, apparently, was not listening.


Meanwhile, just as Kerry continued repeating his mantra that Netanyahu and Abbas must do everything possible to cease the incitement, Abbas also gave a major policy address.

The leader of the Palestinian Authority, currently in the 11th year of his four year term, spoke before the United Nations Human Rights Council. In his speech, Abbas claimed that the PA needs the U.N.’s protection from Israel.

No joke.

After a month of grotesquely brutal attacks by Palestinian Arabs on innocent Israeli Jews, the leader of the PA was asking for protection from Israel. And no one laughed.

Abbas had sought the special session from the United Nations Human Rights Council. The UNSC convened specifically in response to that request, “a courtesy never previously shown to a United Nations observer state,” according to the New York Times.

Abbas urged the UNSC to establish “a special regime of international protection” for his people. Protection from themselves? Protection from their enduring propensity to destroy any opportunity for a good life for themselves and their progeny?  Protection while they stab Jews, so they can continue stabbing without interference from Jewish policemen or Jewish bystanders trying to prevent the slaughter?

Abbas wasn’t saying.

What he did say is that his people need protection, and they look to the U.N. to provide it.

Abbas was strongly condemned by Eviatar Manor, Israel’s ambassador to the U.N.

Manor said the address by Abbas was yet another example of incitement, and he also rebuked the UNSC for convening the “scandalous special meeting” which was used as a prop to further fan “the flames of conflict.”

But over at the State Department Daily Press Briefing, the spokesperson absolutely refused to condemn the speech by Abbas. Brad Klapper of the Associated Press asked State Dept. Spokesperson John Kirby whether he felt the “tenor of the speech was consistent with the kind of the approach you’re looking for from him right now:”

AP’S KLAPPER: Are you happy with the message? That would be the basic question.

MR KIRBY: I think what I would say, what we want to continue to see – what we want to see is words and deeds that do not do anything to escalate the tensions and actually can contribute to calm, and I think I’d leave it at that.
Two states or two standards?


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