Photo Credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas waving to thousands of Palestinians celebrating the UN upgrading the PA status to "non-member state" in 2012.

Israel Radio reports that last night, in a meeting with Jewish leaders in New York, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas responded to the murder of an Israeli soldier in Qalqilya and the sniper murder of another Israeli soldier in Hebron, saying he condemns those and all other acts of violence against civilians.

Nevertheless, he added, he is still expecting Israel to condemn the killing of four Palestinian youths by IDF forces over the past few weeks. And, of course, with that he equated the lawful police action under a grenade and firebomb throwing mob attack—in the effort to pick up a terrorism suspect—with the cowardly luring of a young man and pushing him to his death in a water hole, as well as shooting an unsuspecting young man in the neck in broad daylight.


Are you feeling grateful yet?

In any event, even that miserly, self righteous, immoral statement has gotten no mention in Palestinian reports today. WAFA, the official Palestinian news agency, only mentioned the two murders with a quote from Foreign Minister Riyad Malki:

“Malki expressed concern that Israel may use the killing of an Israeli soldier in Hebron on Sunday and another off duty soldier in Qalqilya two days earlier in order to discredit the Palestinian Authority.”

So, now you know. Abbas did not really condemn anything except the fact that the IDF is insisting, for some unknown reason, on killing young Palestinian innocents in the middle of the night.

And he did it in front of a bunch of NY Jews.


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