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Marching youths call for elimination of Mahmoud Abbas

Dozens of youths marched on Sunday in Jerusalem, calling for the elimination of Abu Mazen, the terrorist nom de guerre of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The march, which took place as part of a campaign of Derech Chaim (Way of Life) movement, began at the entrance to Jerusalem and crossed the entire city center of Israel’s capital. The marchers carried signs calling for the killing of Abu Mazen.


Derech Chaim is a public movement that works to realize the vision of a Jewish state according to the Torah of Israel. It was established in 2011 (5771) by a committee appointed by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg, an American-born Chabad Chasid who made Aliyah in 1965. Rabbi Ginsburg has been in trouble with Israeli law enforcement agencies over his views, which include endorsement of the killing of a large number of Arabs by Dr. Baruch Goldstein inside Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Marching youths call for elimination of Mahmoud Abbas / Yosef Prissman

At the end of Sunday’s march, the activists held a demonstration in Zion Square, where they displayed huge banners with pictures of victims who were murdered in terror attacks and posters calling for “the elimination of the murderers” and “Abu Mazen is killing us.”

A few days ago, Derech Chaim launched a campaign calling for the assassination of Chairman Abbas over his funding of terrorism. The campaign sparked a storm in the Arab public and even received an acknowledgement from WAFA. The PLO executive committee issued a statement calling for a halt to the campaign.

In response, Derech Chaim said that “the time has come for the terrorist leaders to begin to be afraid – Abu Mazen must be eliminated.”

President Donald Trump’s envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, also referred to the campaign and issued a condemnation of the Derech Chaim ads, saying he condemned the incitements on both sides.

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