Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90
Israelis light candles outside a pub on Dizengoff Street in north Tel Aviv where 2 people were killed and 8 wounded by a terrorist.

A large-scale manhunt after the suspect in the attack that killed two Israeli civilians on Dizengoff Street in north Tel Aviv Friday afternoon continued throughout the night and Saturday morning. Although the identity of the man, an Israeli Arab from the Wadi Ara area, has been known to police and the Shabak since shortly after the attack, they have not yet been able to track him down. Police are still looking at a possible connection between the shooting attack on Dizengoff Street and the murder of a taxi driver, Amin Shaban, whose body was found shortly after the attack on the beach in north Tel Aviv. But the suspect has disappeared. If the suspect is anywhere near a television set or the Internet, he is obviously aware that his identity has been revealed and that security forces are after him. Under these circumstances, he might take desperate action to reach a safe place in Judea and Samaria or in an Israeli Arab community.

The terrorist is an Israeli Arab citizen, resident of the predominantly Arab Wadi Ara, who previously served a prison sentence for grabbing an M-16 rifle from an IDF soldier in 2007. A Haifa District Court sentenced him to five years in prison in a plea bargain, after he had expressed remorse for his actions and asked for the court’s mercy.


A family member identified him from the videos and reported his identity to the authorities. Some relatives of the terrorist fear that he would hurt himself. “After all, he knows that when the police find him they will shoot him. He’s not a healthy man,” said one relative.

The attack on Dizengoff Street took place Friday afternoon. The terrorist was carrying a bag containing the gun. He entered the Anise health food store appearing like a normal shopper. After a few minutes in the store, where security cameras documented him purchasing groceries, he put down his bag, pulled out his gun and went into the crowded street where he opened fire on passersby. He then opened fire into the Simta pub next door, killing the 26-year-old Alon Bakal, one of the pub’s managers, and Shimon Raimi, 30, from Ofakim, who was sitting with his friends.

Seven other civilians were injured and were evacuated to different local hospitals. The shooter started running and fired on a number of cafes in the street, but luckily did not cause more harm. He fled the scene, and at this point security forces are not sure how he managed it. Large police forces, including special forces and SWAT have carried out searches across the region, but the shooter was not found. In his bag the shooter left a copy of the Koran.



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